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Demand for Business Travel High Despite Turmoil 12 December 2016, 17:08 CET
Despite the global economic uncertainties brought about by political movements such as Brexit in the UK and the recent U.S. election results in November, global travel conglomerate Priceline Group are confident that travel is still in high demand after reporting strong results for their third quarter early in November, with the stock once again at an all-time high.

Can Online Casinos be Trusted? 10 December 2016, 00:21 CET
One of the biggest reasons some people have steered clear of casinos, isn't because they're opposed to gambling or not drawn to it, but rather because they believe that the house has an enormous advantage and that the odds are heavily stacked against them. They also don't trust the fact that there are stringent rules in place and that they are followed to the letter.

Insights into E-Commerce Trends across Europe 08 December 2016, 15:28 CET
What does the current e-commerce market look like, and how has it performed through 2016? Will it remain strong in future years, or is it due to peak and decline? We examine the current and predicted trends affecting Europe’s e-commerce scene, and look at how things may change in the coming twelve months.

ACCA sets out the fifty forces leading change in the public sector globally that professional accountants need to prepare for 08 December 2016, 15:17 CET
Economic growth, quality and availability of the global talent pool and business leader’s responsiveness to change are the top three drivers of change in the public sector globally says ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in a new report.

Launch of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Instant Credit 01 December 2016, 17:15 CET
The European Payments Council (EPC) launched on 30 November the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst) scheme. European Payment Service Providers (PSPs) now have one year to get ready to process the first SCT Inst transactions in November 2017. The scheme allows them to propose innovative, digital, and fast payment solutions to their customers.

Retail and wholesale need skills for the modern age 01 December 2016, 15:27 CET
Marking the launch of the EU Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition in Brussels today, EuroCommerce underlined its strong support for the initiative to encourage greater awareness and uptake of digital skills in the workforce, industry and the general population.

Social Media Marketing: How to Do It Right 29 November 2016, 17:15 CET
There is no doubt that social media marketing is now more effective than ever.

Online Sellers Dreaming of a Busy Christmas Period 26 November 2016, 00:22 CET
For most retailers Christmas is the time of year where they hope to rake in the sales and surpass all their targets. For online sellers, it’s no different as they hope for a busy Christmas period. With that said there are a few things they can do to help ensure the shopping season is as busy, if not more busy than they hoped.

Will Brexit affect the future of international poker tournaments? 25 November 2016, 11:56 CET
The surprise result of June's referendum over whether the UK would stay within the European Union, has sent shockwaves rippling throughout the world.

NetEnt posts 13th consecutive quarter of growth in Q3 24 November 2016, 18:38 CET
NetEnt posts 13th consecutive quarter of growth in Q3, which demonstrates the success of online gaming in general and the success of NetEnt in particular.

Fair Trade movement renews commitment to work with EU in long path ahead to implement UN 2030 Agenda 24 November 2016, 13:51 CET
On 22 November, the European Commission launched a policy package that maps EU current actions and commitments to achieve the UN 2030 Agenda and lays down the future direction for the EU development cooperation and relations with Africa, Caribbean and Pacific countries. The Fair Trade movement welcomes the recognition by the EU of the "strong contribution" of Fair Trade to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and looks forward to work with the EC to upgrade the EU answer to the global goals.

'Sustainable Europe' plan pays lip-service to global goals but avoids action at home 22 November 2016, 23:45 CET
The EU Commission has missed a unique chance to bring a sustainable Europe closer today, with its glossy but incomplete package of actions for the implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

No Patents on Beer! 17 November 2016, 18:22 CET
In 2016, the European Patent Office (EPO) granted three patents to the Danish brewery, Carlsberg. The patents cover barley plants derived from conventional breeding, their usage in brewing as well as the beer brewed thereof. In a joint letter, several civil society organisations are now calling on Carlsberg to drop these patents. They consider the patents to be an abuse of patent law and in conflict with the interests of consumers.

Why the EU Is Worried about Future Trade Relations with the U.S. 16 November 2016, 17:51 CET
Coming on the heels of Brexit, the upset in the presidential election in the United States has many in the EU concerned about future trade relations. Many have voiced concerns over doing business with U.S. concerns in the UK, but now that Donald Trump won the national election and is set to take office in January of 2017, those concerns are magnified many times over. Here is why.

EU to take bigger role in global effort to save oceans 10 November 2016, 23:16 CET
Today the European Commission announced its renewed commitment to strengthen international ocean governance and to set out a joint agenda of 50 actions to secure the effective conservation and sustainable use of the global seas and oceans.

New Commission Anti-Dumping proposal undermines legal certainty in EU trade defence policy 10 November 2016, 13:31 CET
Following publication of the European Commission's changes to the EU anti-dumping legislation - designed to render China’s demand for Market Economy Status "irrelevant" - Europe's manufacturing industries have reacted with a firm warning that the proposal is neither robust nor future-proof.

EuroCommerce and UNI Europa address physical and psychological risks at work 10 November 2016, 13:27 CET
EuroCommerce and UNI Europa, the recognised social partners for the retail and wholesale sector at EU level, agreed the findings of a comprehensive project at a high-level event in Brussels today. The project included research on improved employee health and safety in the retail and wholesale sector.

EU Commission says plants and animals derived from conventional breeding should be regarded as non-patentable 03 November 2016, 23:36 CET
In a long awaited explanatory statement, the EU Commission takes the view that plants and animals that are obtained by means of “essentially biological” breeding are non-patentable. This statement is in strong contradiction to the current practice of the European Patent Office (EPO), which has already granted more than 100 patents on conventional breeding, e.g. on tomatoes and broccoli.

Common Misconceptions About Entering Canada With a DUI Felony 03 November 2016, 12:39 CET
As the holiday season rapidly approaches, more and more people will be going to parties. Drinking and driving is one of the most common problems during this time of year. Getting caught drinking and driving will result in you getting a felony conviction.

5 Ways to Raise Money to Keep Your Business Alive Without Stepping Into a Bank 31 October 2016, 22:28 CET
When it comes to raising money for running a business, most of the attention has been on ways to raise money to start business. That's understandable considering that we're in a startup boom. However, some businesses are already running and are cash strapped. Sometimes, some customers don't pay their invoices. At times, seasonal business slump bring about slow business – and hence slow turnover rate.

What European Workers Can Expect in Post Brexit Britain 28 October 2016, 15:23 CET

Is Your Company Ready for Video Conferencing Software? 26 October 2016, 18:05 CET
It's hard to overstate the importance of choosing the right video communication solution. Think you're ready for whatever video calls and conferencing brings to the table and your company? Here's a bevy of perks you can happily take advantage of:

New study shows intellectual property is good for the European economy 25 October 2016, 22:20 CET
The European Patent Office (EPO) and the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) today published their second EU-wide study of the impact of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on the European economy in terms of GDP, employment, wages and trade.

How Will Exiting the European Single Market Really Effect Us? 24 October 2016, 15:07 CET
While the UK's 'Brexit' vote may have served as the perfect embodiment of direct democracy at is finest, it has polarised the nation and raised serious concerns about the validity of the debate that took place in the build-up to the referendum.

Robust EU trade defence system is fundamental to the future of industrial manufacturing in Europe 20 October 2016, 13:18 CET
AEGIS Europe response to the Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the European Council and the Council: ‘Towards a robust trade policy for the EU in the interest of jobs and growth’

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