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Zeek - Lets You Buy and Sell Unwanted Gift Cards & Vouchers 15 September 2016, 13:08 CET
Zeek have a very simple business plan - they simply offer to purchase your unwanted store gift card, and gift vouchers.

8 FinTech Prospects to Watch Out For - the Start-up Stars of Today 15 September 2016, 13:07 CET
Fintech, or Financial Technology, is one the richest areas of enterprise for start up companies at present; especially in London – in fact two fifths of all European Fintech investment is in the UK and Ireland.

Top European Court confirms crucial legal protections for WiFi hotspot operators 15 September 2016, 12:19 CET
The European Court of Justice (CJEU) has today rightly confirmed that public WiFi hotspots do indeed benefit from the liability protections that have been essential to the growth of the European digital economy.

European Commission copyright proposal risks turning back the clock on Digital Single Market 14 September 2016, 17:20 CET
The European Commission risks turning back the clock on the Digital Single Market, following the publication of a regressive proposal to amend Europe’s copyright framework.

European Parliament vote to reject PRIIPs RTS welcomed 14 September 2016, 17:14 CET
Today a very broad majority of the European Parliament has voted to object to the regulatory technical standards (RTS) for the Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) Regulation.

Vodafone welcomes EU Commission's revision of EU telecoms framework 14 September 2016, 14:34 CET
Vodafone welcomes the review of the EU telecoms framework resulting in today’s proposal for a new European Electronic Communications Code and the Commission’s Communication on its vision for the European Gigabit Society.

Heating & Cooling Strategy: Parliament demands action to reduce energy use in buildings 13 September 2016, 17:33 CET
On 13th September, the European Parliament Plenary approved an own-initiative report on the Heating & Cooling Strategy (GIEREK Report), calling on the European Commission to focus action on reducing energy use in buildings, especially with regard to the upcoming review of energy efficiency legislation in October.

A new Europe for people, planet and prosperity for all 12 September 2016, 17:25 CET
Common statement by 177 European and national Civil Society Organisations and Trade Unions

The Main Things Customers Want from Retail Stores 09 September 2016, 14:41 CET
Thanks to e-commerce, big data and more, the world of commerce and retail is changing at a very rapid rate - perhaps faster than at any other time throughout its history. For small retailers, keeping up with the fast-paced trends in commerce is absolutely essential to ensure company success and customer satisfaction.

How Will Brexit Affect Transport and Logistics Companies? 09 September 2016, 14:37 CET
Since the news of Britain deciding to leave the European Union was released just a few months ago, many people have been wondering what exactly the decision means for them. This is especially important for those who own or work for businesses in the logistics and transport industry, an industry where many companies and individual workers have been left wondering what exactly is going to happen to their business or job due to the controversial decision made via vote by the British public.

The Industries that will be Greatly Affected by 'Brexit' 08 September 2016, 12:17 CET
Ah, Brexit, the word that has been the monkey on people's backs; the devil on the shoulder; the evil within Pandora's Box ... or for some, the saving light of the British people. Whatever your personal feelings on Brexit, it is a fact that there will be massive upheaval in the vast majority of industries and businesses that operate within Britain.

Is your website safe? 5 security checks you NEED to make 02 September 2016, 19:51 CET
There are, sadly, too many horror stories of rogue hackers infiltrating websites and siphoning data, information or financial accounts due to a lack of resolute security. From the SME looking after its own affairs to a global giant using a host of servers, there is a strong responsibility for security.

BEREC publishes the guidelines on net neutrality 30 August 2016, 22:45 CET
The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) has today published its Guidelines to National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) on the implementation of the new net neutrality.

The facts about leasing a vehicle: 'Hidden' charges 24 August 2016, 13:05 CET
Opting to lease a vehicle for your business, instead of purchasing one outright, is an excellent way of managing costs and you still get to enjoy driving away from the lot in a brand new car. However, with great power comes great responsibility, therefore you must ensure you know your facts before you sign a contract with a leasing company - and this includes being clued up on issues such as 'hidden fees'.

How the European Retail Sector is Benefitting from Retail Technology 22 August 2016, 17:57 CET
Technology drives so much innovation in all aspects of our daily lives and the retail sector is no different.

More NHS Doctors and Nurses Needed in the UK 18 August 2016, 16:33 CET
There was a time when almost every child, when asked, would say they wanted to be a doctor, nurse, attorney or fireman when they grew up and somehow nurses and doctors don’t seem to be as exciting as they once were.

How to Make a Hospital More Eco-Friendly 09 August 2016, 17:27 CET
Hospitals are large buildings filled with complex machinery and electronics, and at any one time will have over a thousand people in them. They aren’t exactly the most eco-friendly of buildings and so if you run a hospital or are in charge of things like this, then here are some ways you can reduce your hospital’s carbon footprint - and maybe even save money.

How You Can Tell if the SEO Company You Hired is Rubbish 05 August 2016, 22:22 CET
You outsourced to an SEO company, because you probably don't have a clue about any of this 'link' stuff and so if you don't understand it, how are you going to know if your company is actually playing by the rules. If they don't, they will seriously endanger your business. It can be difficult to judge if a company is actually as good as they say they are, but if you do happen to find a good one, they will be an indispensable member of your business' future. Here are some warning signs you should definitely be looking out for when hiring a digital marketing agency.

Women Are Closing the Gender Gap in Entertainment Industries 04 August 2016, 16:57 CET
For altogether too long women couldn't do some of the things their male counterparts could if they weren't accompanied by a man. In some social spheres it is still unacceptable to see a woman attend a concert alone, or sit down to a hand of poker without a man by her side. But the gap is quickly closing. If you are a woman who loves sports and a hand or two of poker, take heart in the fact that it is not as unacceptable as it once was to gain entry into 'male' activities such as a good game of poker or a night at the pub.

How Creatives Are Taking a New Approach to HR 04 August 2016, 09:30 CET
When we talk about "creatives' in the world of business, we're referring to agencies and independents who are involved in the more artistic and constructive side of things, like web developers, graphic designers, writers, app programmers, producers, inventors, and motivational speakers. These are people who are known to be a bit unconventional when it comes to solving problems, yet they often find ways to achieve high levels of success and notoriety. There's no doubt that this class of professionals is in a league of its own in terms of innovation and the ability to adapt using new technology. However, even if your company isn't classified as a "creative," you can still learn a lot from the way creative agencies are addressing HR management needs:

How will Brexit Impact on the EU Gaming Industry? 01 August 2016, 18:02 CET
For weeks now, a swathe of industry experts and pundits have speculated on how Brexit will impact on the UK's economy, notwithstanding the short-term uncertainty and volatility that it has already been responsible for. From manufacturing and exports to the financial services sector, it is fair to say that the outlook for Britain appears decidedly bleak.

Microgaming signs licensing deal to develop new games 31 July 2016, 22:15 CET
Microgaming signs licensing deal to develop new games, which is only going to increase the influence of Microgaming in the gaming world further. Microgaming has managed to soar to the top of the field, and it has stayed there for more than two decades at this point. The fact that Microgaming manages to release two new games a month at least has helped Microgaming maintain its reign. Microgaming signs licensing deal to develop new games, and this should only allow Microgaming to continue to supply the public with all manner of great new games.

China MES: EU Industry expresses cautious relief in reaction to European Commission announcement 20 July 2016, 23:05 CET
European industry greeted today’s announcement of Commissioners that the EU will not grant China MES - and that the EU would apply a new non-standard methodology for dealing with anti-dumping calculations for imports from China - with cautious relief.

Europe's new climate proposal lacks ambition and delivers less than business-as-usual emission cuts 20 July 2016, 22:58 CET
Today, the European Commission has released a new proposal for cutting emissions in transport, agriculture and buildings sectors by 2030, and how this effort should be shared between Member States.

Understanding the key debt terminology 18 July 2016, 17:13 CET
When looking for the best options for a new financial arrangement such as a loan or credit, the terms can sometimes be confusing or bewildering.

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