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Advances in radiation detection 22 May 2017, 18:31 CET
There are several kinds of radioactive materials, all of which are silver-coloured in their pure state, but varying in colour and physical state.

Rolls-Royce Accounting Firm Probed over Bribery Charges 19 May 2017, 18:19 CET
Accounting firm KPMG is being investigated by the Financial Reporting Council relating to the Rolls-Royce audits from 2010 to 2013.

EU Businesses to Expand Further into Asia 19 May 2017, 18:11 CET
The majority or businesses in Europe are still trying to cope with the impact of Brexit. The latest report suggests that European banks are planning to move more than 9,000 jobs out of Britain as a response to Brexit. Discussions regarding trade and business relationships are still in progress and stakeholders are taking extra caution with every step they make.

Advocate General’s welcome confirmation of retail as a service 19 May 2017, 17:55 CET
EuroCommerce welcomed the Advocate-General’s opinion today in the Visser case (C-31/16), that retail should be considered a service within the meaning of the Services Directive.

Juncker investment plan: MEPs fail to improve Commission's proposal on climate change 15 May 2017, 23:50 CET
In a vote today, Members of the European Parliament failed to improve the European Commission's climate proposal in the Juncker investment plan, by rejecting opportunities for an energy efficiency spending target and for ending fossil fuel support.

Custom Corporate Wear for a Competitive Edge 13 May 2017, 20:47 CET
Have you considered the advantage of custom corporate wear? Corporate wear needs to be stylish, fashionable and functional. Choosing the right corporate wear that is worn by your employees with pride can be a challenge.

Why it is Important to Market on a Global Level 13 May 2017, 00:30 CET
Every business needs to consider its marketing strategy, whether it is just for your local area, or wider afield. Your strategy is what will help you to attract more customers and reach a wider audience, but you need to consider what you are trying to achieve.

Women with low skills have fewer opportunities in the EU labour market 11 May 2017, 16:14 CET
Today's job market is constantly increasing requirements on competencies across all sectors. This poses a major challenge for the 64 million women and men with low levels of education in Member States. They are more often unemployed or completely out of the labour market, compared to people with middle and high levels of education. Women with low qualifications find it especially hard to access jobs with decent pay. Only 42 % of low qualified women are employed and almost half of these work in a precarious job. These are some of the findings from a new study on gender, skills and precarious work from the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) out today.

FETA and HBF Set to Lead the Charge on Post-Brexit Building Regulations 11 May 2017, 16:14 CET
Oliver Letwin, a former Cabinet Office minister in the UK, launched an initiative that will quickly identify EU regulations that can be amended to support local businesses. The initiative, known as the Red Tape Initiative, is set to improve the productivity of businesses in the UK, particularly in the construction industry.

LeoVegas teams up with Big Time Gaming, LetsGiveItASpin for livestream 11 May 2017, 16:13 CET
LeoVegas has finally teamed up with BTG to deliver betting experience through live streaming of slot machines. This is good news for casino streamers who would like to enjoy more action of this kind using the concept of live stream betting.

How to improve yourself as a business owner and grow your company 11 May 2017, 13:15 CET
Creating a new business from the scratch can be especially difficult if you’re not entirely sure about what it is that you need to do.

Data from the Latvian Insolvency Register are now available in e-Justice portal 10 May 2017, 23:56 CET
Data from the Latvian Insolvency Register are now available to everyone in the EU Member States free of charge in all languages of the EU via the European e-Justice portal.

3 Custom Decorations Ideas for Your Garden Made Out of Plastic Bottles 08 May 2017, 15:24 CET
If you love gardening, then you’re most likely looking for new and creative ways to decorate your beloved garden. After all, our garden should be a sanctuary filled with everything that makes us feel better and happier. And, in case you haven’t heard, DYI gardens are the future. Having a DYI garden can be very rewarding, because nothing is more satisfying than looking at something and knowing you made it from scratch.

Finance interest rates at an all-time low across the EU member states 05 May 2017, 18:29 CET
Whether you need the loan to purchase a home, a car, for home renovations, or to pay off other debts.

Maltese presidency proposes slowing down delivery of energy savings 04 May 2017, 15:27 CET
The Coalition for Energy Savings understands that Malta, who holds the presidency of the Council of the EU, is maintaining its proposal to weaken the energy savings objective in the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), despite the opposition of a block of Member States.

Over 250,000 Europeans call on EU Commission to radically reform EU agriculture 03 May 2017, 23:35 CET
Today a clear and strong message reached the European Commission: the EU’s agricultural policy needs to be radically changed. This is what 258,708 citizens and 600 civil society organisations and businesses have told the Commission in the largest EU public consultation on agricultural policy, which closed yesterday (2 May)

Retailers press for smart policy to help tackling food waste 03 May 2017, 22:59 CET
Speaking at a debate today organised by MEP Angelique Delahaye (FR, EPP) ahead of the European Parliament vote on more ambitious action on food waste, Lettemieke Mulder, Director Sustainability & Product Policy at EuroCommerce, said:

Advantages of Having an Online Marketing Strategy 28 April 2017, 15:46 CET
Online marketing is the application of different techniques to reach out to online audiences. Although many small businesses stick to the more traditional marketing approaches, the constant developments in technology and how our society integrates it into our lives means online marketing holsters much more potential.

WWF: More money needed for effective action on nature 27 April 2017, 23:33 CET
WWF welcomes the "EU Action Plan for Nature, People and the Economy" published today by the European Commission.

Pillar of Social rights - no solution for more growth and employment 27 April 2017, 23:26 CET
Commenting today on the Commission’s proposals for a Pillar of Social Rights, EuroCommerce Director-General Christian Verschueren said:

How European Industry Has Benefited From Digital Transformation 26 April 2017, 20:37 CET
There is an incredible amount of technological shift occurring right beneath our feet, and at this very moment, businesses are abandoning the business plans of yesteryear and instead seeking new ways in which to connect people with places, ideas, and products.

Is Berlin on the Verge of a Property Boom? 24 April 2017, 12:35 CET
The German capital of Berlin is a truly historical city, and one that has seen a significant evolution in recent times. While it has not lost any of its unique cultural identity, it has gradually become more international in its nature and developed a decidedly more cosmopolitan feel.

Contactless payments - a real benefit for customers and retailers 19 April 2017, 14:07 CET
Retailers have been at the forefront of introducing innovation and new technology to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of their customers. Contactless technology is another step in making shopping easier and quicker for customers, and allows retailers to serve them more quickly and easily.

Advances in virtual reality gaming 13 April 2017, 12:09 CET
Since the world first caught a glimpse of what virtual reality gaming looks like, players have been anticipating quick developments in VR gaming.

Germany and the EU Have Been Quiet on America and Britain's Plans for Russian Sanctions 12 April 2017, 16:47 CET
There has been a new push to impose sanctions on Russia after the deadly chemical attack in Syria. Further trouble appears to be brewing as many around the world view the EU's and Germany’s position on the situation as 'cool'.

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