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Maintaining Supply Chain Efficiency After Layoffs 19 July 2017, 18:32 CET
Today's economy puts a great deal of strain on the average retailer, who now has to maintain stocked shelves while providing instant gratification for customers that may or may not come.

Top automation advantages which help your business stand out 19 July 2017, 17:32 CET
It's not easy to stand out in an industry that has a solid competitive nature, with multiple competent players sharing the market. However, there are things that can help with this such as automation.

Germany abstained in vote on import of new genetically engineered soybeans 17 July 2017, 13:01 CET
In the vote on import approval for a new variety of genetically engineered soybeans in Brussels on 12 July, Germany was the only country which abstained.

Heating oil tanks can damage your business - Here's how to get rid of one 17 July 2017, 12:55 CET
Having a heating oil tank underground, underneath your property or place of business can be a really bad thing for multiple reasons.

Copyright votes in CULT and ITRE: Filtering, blocking & half-baked compromises 14 July 2017, 12:05 CET
On 11 July, two Committees in the European Parliament voted on their Opinions on European Commission's proposal for a Copyright Directive: the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) and the Committee onIndustry, Research and Energy (ITRE).

EU Commission decides to take Poland to court for failing to protect Bialowieza Forest 13 July 2017, 23:57 CET
WWF applauds today's decision by the European Commission to take Poland to European Court of Justice because of the increased logging in the Bialowieza Forest in breach of EU law.

How Brexit Will Affect Your Financial Situation 12 July 2017, 12:32 CET
The recent decision to leave the European Union has caused a great deal of uncertainty. While the pound initially declined at an alarming rate, its value has since steadied although it is still changeable.

How do Investors Assess a Company's Market Value? 11 July 2017, 13:48 CET
We often encounter the term "market cap" when referring to the aggregate value of a company. While this tends to be one of the determining metrics involved during a purchase of shares, many investors and venture capitalists will perform other actions in order to get a better idea of where the firm may be headed in the future.

e-Estonia, the Eastern European country that's investing in blockchain technology 10 July 2017, 17:58 CET
You might expect it to be one of the main industrial nations of the world to be leading the way in the digital revolution but, in fact, it’s a tiny country to the east of Scandinavia with a population of just 1.33 million.

How you can cut down on smoking with some healthy alternatives 07 July 2017, 15:44 CET
Smoking is a vice that is not easily dropped. Many people swear that each cigarette they smoke is their last but it’s never that easy to just let it go. Some however manage to make small steps towards giving up or at least making it a less harmful activity for their body.

Copa and Cogeca, CELCAA and FoodDrinkEurope welcome political agreement on EU- Japan trade deal 06 July 2017, 21:48 CET
Copa and Cogeca, CELCAA and FoodDrinkEurope welcome the announcement made at today´s EU-Japan Summit on the 'in principle' agreement of an EU-Japan trade agreement, saying that an ambitious trade deal will have a significant positive impact on both economies.

MEPs call for EU strategy on Sustainable Development Goals 06 July 2017, 17:05 CET
The European Parliament today called on the Commission to produce an EU implementation strategy for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to analyse the gaps in policies that could impact their achievement.

Lintech offers high security solutions for magnetic card and passport reading and scanning 06 July 2017, 15:39 CET
Technology has advanced at such a rate that today, every type of business is using some for of technology for some purpose or another.

Biggest EU investors are partly aligned with Paris Agreement, but more efforts needed 05 July 2017, 23:01 CET
The EU's biggest investors are partly aligned with the Paris agreement's climate target of keeping global warming well under 2°C but still invest too much in coal, the first ever such analysis, carried out by WWF, shows.

SMSF - Are they for you? 05 July 2017, 22:15 CET
When considering pension funds and means of managing company funds, it might be worth your time to have a look at SMSF, which stands for Self Managed Super Funds.

Online gaming brings increased revenue 05 July 2017, 13:20 CET
Online gaming brings increased revenue in general. This is one of the most profitable fields in the world by this point in time, and that trend will only continue. The fact that this is a field that only continues to expand is certainly positive, and there are lots of different reasons for why this might be the case.

What To Do And Not To Do When Pitching To Angel Investors 04 July 2017, 23:26 CET
For so many businesses the angel investor is a viable option during growth or formation stage.

What Are The Best EU Countries To Start A Business? 04 July 2017, 23:22 CET
The very best locations to start a business are not in your backyard, unless you live in the following countries. The truth is there are various places that are a lot better than others.

Circular Economy Package: EucoLight calls on the European Institutions to secure clear and binding extended producer responsibility (EPR) requirements 03 July 2017, 23:30 CET
The final step of the adoption of the EU Waste legislative package is in the informal Trilogue phase. The European Parliament, the Council and the European Commission are finalising the text of the proposal to amend the Directive on Waste. This proposal includes minimum extended responsibility requirements.

Online Gambling Market Purged From Illegal Casinos In Poland 03 July 2017, 15:43 CET
Europe has special regulations that regulate online gambling and Poland recently joined these regulations.

Survey finds coffee is the most-consumed beverage in the UK office 03 July 2017, 15:23 CET
A recent survey has shown that coffee has overtaken a traditional cup of tea as the hot drink of choice in the average UK office. Nationwide, Britons drink twice as much coffee as they do tea, and while the UK consumes less coffee than most of the EU, the numbers are rapidly growing each year.

8 Tips for Safer Shopping Online and Offline 01 July 2017, 20:40 CET
How safe is it shopping online? Do you ever give a second thought to you online purchases? In today's modern technology culture, we pass out personal information without much concern.

Semiconductors: Small parts with a big job 01 July 2017, 20:35 CET
In our modern world, nearly every electronic device we use has a something in common: the semiconductor.

Still no solution regarding patents on plants and animals 29 June 2017, 23:30 CET
The 38 Contracting States of the European Patent Office (EPO) at their meeting in The Hague decided to strengthen prohibitions in European patent law in regard to the breeding of plants and animals.

FairSearch reaction to Google decision and press conference announcement 28 June 2017, 23:12 CET
The European Commission took action on 27 June to prohibit Google's illegal search manipulation practices and to restore competition on the merits to Google's search results for a key online sector, comparison shopping - a service that allows users to compare product features, prices, and availability from a wide selection of online retailers.

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