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How to Create an Aesthetically-Pleasing Blog

28 December 2016, 13:20 CET

A high-quality blog can transform your SEO efforts, driving more traffic to your website, defining your brand and encouraging engagement with your company.

Blogging is an essential part of conversion rate optimisation, so if you want to succeed online, you must ensure you offer a blog that’s not only informative and helpful, but is aesthetically-pleasing.

By driving more traffic to your website via your blog, you could soon boost your overall sales, creating a significant profit for your company. A blog’s aim is to gain a person’s interest and, once they are on your website, your next move should be to subtly encourage them to purchase your product through strong branding, the promotion of your services and call-to-actions, such as “click here” or “call now”.

One of the best ways to promote your blog is through social media, which relies on high-quality images, as well as engaging content. Images can present an opportunity to provide a reader with additional information via screenshots or infographics. Audiences now seek high quality photos that aid copy, so create a well-designed blog that will keep them on your website for much longer, which reduces your bounce rate and encourages visitors to click around your website.

Free Image Sources

Many start-up companies or websites won’t want to pay for expensive monthly or annual stock image packages. Fortunately, there are a variety free stock image websites online, such as Pixabay and Life of Pix. You can therefore offer powerful images throughout your blog and they won’t cost you a penny to use.


Images can break up a large amount of content, making the page more visually appealing – and subtitles can do the same thing. Whilst some articles might justify no subtitles, there are others that are just crying out for them. If your blog is looking a little stuffy, look for the best ways to break up large paragraphs with catchy subtitles.

Coloured Text

Coloured text allows you to emphasise a word, ensuring it stands out from the normal black font. This will encourage a visitor to read the rest of your blog, because they will know you have something important to say. A blog allows you to not only showcase your products and services, but to speak to your customers, offering a voice to your brand. If you’re not using it, you may fail to connect with your target market or drive less traffic to your website. If you’re unsure where to start, it is worth consulting a full service digital marketing agency that specialises in conversion optimisation, and can therefore help you improve your website, develop effective email marketing campaigns and transform your landing page performance.

According to SEO expert Neil Patel, 30% of marketers believe a blog’s visual is the most important part of their content – as a person will judge a design before they have even read what you have to say. Think about it, would you click away from a website that looks as though it was made in 2001? Your answer is probably yes. First impressions are everything, so make a good one.

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