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Online Sellers Dreaming of a Busy Christmas Period

26 November 2016, 01:22 CET

For most retailers Christmas is the time of year where they hope to rake in the sales and surpass all their targets. For online sellers, it’s no different as they hope for a busy Christmas period. With that said there are a few things they can do to help ensure the shopping season is as busy, if not more busy than they hoped.

Is Your Computer Equipment Ready?

If you will be taking an influx of online orders, then you want to be sure all your computer equipment is up to par. You don't want to be dealing with slow loading pages. It may be wise to look at your computer memory and consider upgrading it with one of the options available from This can make things much smoother and faster, which is paramount during the Christmas bustle.

Is Your Inventory Stocked?

Christmas is not the time of year that you want to be dealing with inventory issues. You want to be sure you are stocked up on all the hottest products, even if that means some of the other products/services take a backseat. Christmas shoppers are usually in a hurry, which is why they are using online options, so they want to know the product is available and ready to be shipped the minute they place their order. This alone will attract customers to your online storefront.

Make the Shipping Cut-Off Date Clear

Because your items will be shipped to customers, there will be a shipping cut-off date should the client want to receive the item in time for Christmas. It is very important this date is clearly marked on your website so customers understand what that date is. It may differ, especially if you ship items internationally.

Offer Free Shipping Promotions

Another way to ensure you have the busy season you had hoped for is to offer free shipping promotions. It could be that you lower your minimum total before customers are eligible for free shipping, or you just offer free shipping on any total. The cost of shipping can sometimes cause customers to turn away, so these shipping promotions can have a big effect on your sales totals.

Make Adjustments to your Return Policy

Shopping for other people can be stressful especially when you don't really know if they will like the item. This is exactly why most retailers make adjustments to their return/exchange policy during the Christmas season. If you usually only offer 14 days to make returns, extend it until the first week of January so gifts are covered. Another option is to offer free shipping on returns. Again these simple little changes can be just enough that customers end up placing an order.

Giving Customers What They Want

A successful holiday shopping season is all about giving customers what they want, making the experience quick, easy, and convenient, and giving them those added extras that make their business feel valued. Remember, if they have a positive experience doing their Christmas shopping with you, there's a large chance they will return as customers again.

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