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Introducing the New Etihad Residence: The Latest in Luxury Business Travel

03 October 2016, 17:45 CET

In simpler times, the level of comfort and luxury that you enjoyed during a flight could be easily determined by the status of your ticket. There was a clear distinction between economy and first class travel, for example, while those travelling by business class could also enjoy a more relaxing trip.

Airlines such as Etihad have changed the landscape of luxury travel, however, creating a host expensive tickets and experiences for affluent customers. The latest of these is the Etihad Residence Suite, which essentially serves as a three-room penthouse in the sky that boasts a number of incredible amenities.

etihad 1

A World Apart: What can you Expect when Aboard the Etihad Residence?

Of course, the idea of luxury and quality is unique to each individual, which is why business class flights from Just Fly Business remain enduringly popular, with some of the core benefits being 'Pre-flight entertainment' and 'Priority boarding & Chauffeur'. With the business offering cheap long-haul flights, they've made sure that the Etihad Residence offering is available for those customers looking for that little bit extra.

Make no mistake; however, the Etihad Residence is a world apart from traditional travel, with this lavish suite boasting a private chef and butler alongside a 32-inch, flat screen LCD TV. The living area also includes a luxurious leather sofa and fold-away dining tables, while the surprisingly large bathroom features a show and an in-built hair-dryer.

etihad 2

While you would not expect to find such features on a standard Airbus A380, they are certainly reflected by the projected cost of travel. Booking passage from London to Melbourne on the Residence will set you back a cool £55,000, for example, which is an incredible sum that trumps the previous record for an airline ticket of £52,000 (between New York and Mumbai). As something that embodies the latest trend in luxury travel, however, this would appear a small price to pay for those who can afford such an expense.

The Ideal, Long-Haul Flight Alternative

The value proposition of the Residence also becomes significantly enhanced during long-haul flights, including the aforementioned trip between London and Melbourne. After all, concepts such as space and comfort become pivotal when embarking on 10 hour flights or longer, while the impact of a restless and uncomfortable journey can have easily be outweighed with a journey of ultimate luxury.

In this respect, the option of accessing a double bed and the other amenities offered by the Residence is extremely alluring for affluent travellers or those booking business class flights. Interestingly, interested parties in Dubai may be able to sample the wares of the Residence thanks to a collaborative promotion between Etihad Airways and Bloomingdales. The lavish, three-room suite will be showcased in-store during a two-week period this autumn, while some lucky souls will have the chance to win business class flights between Dubai and New York and access reduce booking to the value of 60%.

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