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Ukraine and the EU

Latest business news about Ukraine and the European Union.

EU foreign ministers tackle tougher Russia sanctions 22 July 2014, 14:20 CET
EU foreign ministers tackled tougher Ukraine crisis sanctions against Russia Tuesday, divided as to how far to go and with British-led calls for an arms embargo putting France on the spot.

Lithuania slams French warship deal with Russia during Ukraine crisis 22 July 2014, 10:12 CET
Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaite said Tuesday the European Union was compromising its values to protect trade ties with Russia, pointing to a French warship agreement with Moscow.

Barroso slams Russia, demands Ukraine measures 21 July 2014, 21:25 CET
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on Monday said Moscow's support for pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine violated international law and demanded measures to resolve a crisis exacerbated by the downing of a Malaysian jet in the area.

EU takes next step towards Russia Ukraine sanctions 21 July 2014, 18:00 CET
The European Union on Friday took the next step towards imposing tougher sanctions on Russia for its role in the Ukraine crisis by agreeing the legal basis for widening its list of targets.

Russia says new US sanctions unacceptable, threatens retaliation 17 July 2014, 00:31 CET
Russia on Thursday called new US sanctions outrageous and unacceptable, and threatened retaliation after Washington and the European Union ramped up punitive measures against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis.

EU toughens Russia sanctions over Ukraine 17 July 2014, 00:23 CET
European Union leaders agreed to tighten sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis on Wednesday, including moving to punish Russian firms that back actions to undermine Kiev.

Russia under threat of tougher EU sanctions 16 July 2014, 22:10 CET
The European Union moved to tighten sanctions against Russia over the crisis in Ukraine on Wednesday, while stopping short of tough economic measures advocated by Washington.

US readies unilateral sanctions on Russia 16 July 2014, 10:47 CET
The United States signalled Tuesday it could go it alone on toughening sanctions on Russia if Europe does not agree to increase pain for Moscow over its "destabilizing" policies in Ukraine.

Fresh EU sanctions against Russia 'very possible': source 15 July 2014, 23:02 CET
A new round of EU sanctions against Russia and pro-Moscow separatists in Ukraine was "looking very possible", a diplomatic source said Tuesday on the eve of an EU summit where leaders would make the final decision.

Former Ukraine president sues EU over sanctions 14 July 2014, 11:33 CET
Former Ukraine president Viktor Yanukovych, ousted by pro-Western protests, has filed a suit with EU's top court against sanctions Brussels has imposed on him and two sons.

EU looks to reassure Russia on Ukraine trade deal 11 July 2014, 23:32 CET
Ukraine, Russia and the European Union sat down Friday for a first round of talks intended to reassure Moscow on the consequences of tighter trade links between Kiev and Brussels.

EU adds 11 people to Ukraine sanctions blacklist 11 July 2014, 16:59 CET
The European Union has slapped a travel ban and asset freeze on 11 people allegedly linked to separatist violence in eastern Ukraine. Identities will be released in the EU Official Journal on Saturday when the sanctions enter into force.

Ukraine vows to root out corruption as its pleads for help 08 July 2014, 16:37 CET
Ukraine pledged to stamp out corruption as it appealed on Tuesday for urgent assistance from global donors to rebuild its troubled south-east and bolster its border with Russia.

Russia bans Moldova meat, courts rebels after EU accords 03 July 2014, 20:16 CET
Russia has banned meat exports from Moldova and made a fresh overture to its rebel region of Transdniestr after the ex-Soviet country defied Moscow by signing an association deal with the European Union.

Russian absorption of Moldova's rebel region 'not on agenda' 03 July 2014, 13:25 CET
Russia has signed a raft of fresh economic agreements with Moldova's breakaway region but stopped short of discussing absorbing Transdniestr, the rebel statelet's leader said on Thursday.

Putin slams US, says Europe 'natural partner' 01 July 2014, 19:24 CET
President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday described the conflict in Ukraine as the culmination of Western efforts to contain Russia and sought to play Moscow's "natural partner" Europe against the United States.

EU preparing new Russia sanctions, but no decision yet 01 July 2014, 13:32 CET
The European Union is preparing new sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine but no decision has been taken yet, EU diplomats told AFP on Tuesday.

As Ukraine inks EU deal, Moscow is not giving up 27 June 2014, 22:26 CET
The EU's move to sign accords with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia is a major setback for Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the tug-of-war over Moscow's ex-Soviet sphere of influence is far from over, say analysts.

EU gives Russia 3 days on Ukraine or face tougher sanctions 27 June 2014, 15:30 CET
EU leaders on Friday gave Russia three days to change policy on Ukraine or face the prospect of tougher sanctions as Kiev said it would consider a ceasefire extension with pro-Moscow rebels.

German exporters hit by Ukraine crisis 27 June 2014, 15:32 CET
The crisis in Ukraine is damaging German exports to the war-torn region and to Russia, according to new trade data from the Committee on Eastern Europe Economic Relations on Friday.

Ukraine 'split' in two, Putin says after Kiev signs EU deal 27 June 2014, 13:25 CET
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Ukrainian society is split after being forced to choose between Europe and Russia, speaking shortly after Kiev inked the EU association accord.

Russia warns Ukraine's EU deal will have 'serious consequences' 27 June 2014, 12:39 CET
Russia on Friday warned of "serious consequences" after ex-Soviet Ukraine and Moldova signed key association agreements with the European Union over Kremlin objections.

Poroshenko hails 'historic day' of EU-Ukraine association accord 27 June 2014, 12:39 CET
Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko said the Friday signing of an association accord with the EU marked a "historic day" that offered his ex-Soviet country a fresh start after years of political instability.

EU signs 'historic' accords with Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova 30 June 2014, 11:45 CET
The European Union signed "historic" association accords with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova Friday as the three former Soviet republics pledged themselves to a future in Europe in the face of bitter Russian opposition.

Moscow to be part of July talks over Kiev's pact with EU 26 June 2014, 19:48 CET
Russia said on Thursday it had finally got Brussels and Kiev to include it in talks over a landmark association agreement between Ukraine and the EU to be signed this week.