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Ukraine and the EU

Latest business news about Ukraine and the European Union.

Greece-EU clash spreads to Russia sanctions 28 January 2015, 20:39 CET
Greece has created a new headache for the EU by questioning sanctions against Russia over Ukraine but is unlikely to block them for fear of harming its own debt negotiations, analysts and sources say.

EU set to add to sanctions blacklist over Ukraine: sources 28 January 2015, 20:39 CET
EU foreign ministers will add names to a blacklist of individuals sanctioned over the Ukraine crisis when they meet Thursday but stop short of new measures targeting Russia's economy, sources said.

EU threatens new Russia sanctions over Ukraine violence 27 January 2015, 17:08 CET
European Union leaders on Tuesday threatened new sanctions against Russia over a bloody offensive by pro-Kremlin Ukrainian rebels, the latest bid to pressure a defiant President Vladimir Putin.

EU ministers to meet on Ukraine crisis Thursday 25 January 2015, 19:59 CET
EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini announced an urgent meeting of European foreign ministers Thursday to map out the bloc's response to the latest violence in Ukraine by pro-Russia separatists.

EU, NATO call on Russia to end support of Ukraine rebels 24 January 2015, 22:12 CET
The EU and NATO called on Russia to end its support for rebels in Ukraine, with Brussels mulling an emergency meeting after at least 30 people were killed in the port of Mariupol in a major escalation of the fighting.

EU mulls emergency meeting over Russia-Ukraine conflict 25 January 2015, 12:36 CET
The European Union is considering an emergency meeting to discuss the Russia-Ukraine conflict after rocket attacks killed at least 30 people in Ukraine's strategic Maruipol port on Saturday.

EU warns Russia that Ukraine conflict will hurt relations 24 January 2015, 21:26 CET
The European Union on Saturday denounced rocket attacks that killed at least 30 people in Ukraine's strategic Mariupol port on Saturday, warning that the escalation in fighting will harm EU-Russia relations.

World has duty to ensure Ukraine's 'success': EU 21 January 2015, 11:08 CET
The European Union has not forgotten Crimea, the bloc's foreign policy chief insisted Tuesday, stressing the world's "first duty" to Ukraine was to ensure it becomes a success.

EU agrees to stick to Russia sanctions policy 20 January 2015, 15:53 CET
EU foreign ministers agreed Monday there would be no change in the bloc's Russia policy, including sanctions, as the union's diplomatic chief warned the Ukraine situation had got "much worse" in recent weeks.

EU may hive off Crimea from Russia sanctions debate 15 January 2015, 21:04 CET
The EU should consider leaving the annexation of Crimea out of the debate over sanctions as part of a move to re-engage with Russia, according to a policy paper seen on Thursday.

Gazprom warns EU to link to Turkey pipeline or lose Russian gas 14 January 2015, 17:47 CET
Russia's Gazprom giant on Wednesday urged the European Union to link up to its planned energy pipeline to Turkey or lose the gas that now transits Ukraine.

EU states call for plan to tackle Russian 'propaganda' 11 January 2015, 14:09 CET
Britain, Denmark, Estonia and Lithuania on Friday urged Brussels in a letter to Federica Mogherini, the European Union's foreign policy chief, to prepare an EU-wide plan to tackle Russia's "propaganda campaign" amid tensions over Ukraine.

EU sees 'positive signs' from Russia over Ukraine 08 January 2015, 19:09 CET
The European Union sees some "positive signs" from Russia over the crisis in Ukraine ahead of a mooted summit of key leaders in Kazakhstan, the bloc's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said Thursday.

Juncker announces new EUR 1.8 bn in Ukraine aid 08 January 2015, 16:55 CET
The EU plans to give Ukraine a further 1.8 billion euros to help prop up an economy hit hard by a protracted conflict with Russian-backed rebels, European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker said Thursday.

EU chair Latvia says Russia 'more open' to Ukraine solution 08 January 2015, 15:44 CET
Latvia, which has taken over the rotating EU presidency, on Wednesday said Russia seemed more open to a negotiated solution over the conflict in Ukraine, raising the prospect of an easing of sanctions against Moscow.

Ukraine signs Westinghouse nuclear fuel deal 31 December 2014, 23:03 CET
Ukraine on Tuesday sealed an additional nuclear fuel supply deal with US giant Westinghouse in order to ease its energy dependence on Russia.

EU needs years-long Russia strategy, new leader warns 19 December 2014, 13:00 CET
The European Union must thrash out a strategy for Russia that lasts for many years, and looks past sanctions that have hammered Moscow's economy, the bloc's new leader Donald Tusk warned Thursday.

EU could 'de-escalate' sanctions if Russia shifts on Ukraine: France 18 December 2014, 18:22 CET
The EU could de-escalate sanctions against Russia if Moscow delivers on commitments to end the crisis in Ukraine, French President Francois Hollande said Thursday.

Mogherini urges Putin to make 'radical change' in attitude 18 December 2014, 17:53 CET
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Thursday urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to make a "radical change" in attitude to end the crisis sparked by Moscow's intervention in Ukraine.

EU leader wants 'tough, responsible' Russia strategy 18 December 2014, 17:41 CET
EU president Donald Tusk said leaders meeting at a summit in Brussels on Thursday must adopt a "tough and responsible" strategy toward Russia following its intervention in Ukraine.

EU leaders press Russia, urge new investment 18 December 2014, 22:01 CET
European Union leaders urged Vladimir Putin to make a "radical change" in his stance on Ukraine Thursday as they boosted sanctions against Crimea despite fears of economic blow-back from Russia's spiralling financial crisis.

EU approves new Crimea sanctions 18 December 2014, 13:42 CET
The EU imposed additional sanctions Thursday on Crimea, banning all investment and cruise ships from its ports to force home the message the bloc will not recognise Russia's "illegal annexation" of Ukraine territory.

Merkel says Russia sanctions remain 'unavoidable' 18 December 2014, 10:57 CET
German Chancellor Angela Merkel stressed Thursday that Europe's goal remains a free and whole Ukraine and that Western sanctions against Russia remain unavoidable until that goal is reached.

EU summit to discuss crisis-hit Russia, economic plan 18 December 2014, 13:13 CET
EU leaders on Thursday will discuss tense relations with Russia and punishing sanctions imposed over Moscow's actions in Ukraine at a summit led for the first time by Poland's Kremlin-wary former premier Donald Tusk.

EU 'united' on Ukraine despite split over Russia sanctions 17 December 2014, 00:37 CET
The European Union's foreign policy chief said Tuesday the 28-nation bloc would stay united on Ukraine despite pressure from some members to drop or ease its sanctions on Russia.