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Ukraine and the EU

Latest business news about Ukraine and the European Union.

EU says Ukraine amnesty, regional laws help peace effort 17 September 2014, 17:03 CET
The EU said Wednesday that controversial Ukraine laws offering pro-Russian rebels an amnesty and special status in the conflict-torn east of the country were important steps toward a peaceful solution.

What is the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement? 16 September 2014, 13:47 CET
The Ukrainian and European parliaments ratified a historic association agreement on Tuesday, a wide-ranging accord that Kiev sees as a symbol of its break from old master Russia.

European Parliament ratifies Ukraine association pact 17 September 2014, 17:01 CET
The European Parliament overwhelmingly voted Tuesday to ratify a landmark association pact with Ukraine, in a video-link with lawmakers in Kiev who approved the deal at the same time.

Ukraine parliament ratifies landmark EU pact 16 September 2014, 18:27 CET
The Ukrainian parliament on Tuesday ratified a landmark EU pact that decisively steers the former Soviet state towards the West and away from Russian influence.

Ukraine outrage over delay on EU trade deal 15 September 2014, 23:31 CET
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is facing a backlash from his staunchest supporters for bowing to Russian pressure and postponing the implementation of an EU trade deal the two sides plan to ratify Tuesday.

US wants to cut economic ties between EU and Russia: Lavrov 13 September 2014, 23:08 CET
The United States is using the Ukraine crisis to cut economic ties between the EU and Russia and force Europe to pay more for its gas, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Saturday.

Fresh sanctions on Russia: who is targeted and why 12 September 2014, 20:13 CET
The European Union and United States announced tough new sanctions on Russian companies and individuals Friday to pressure Moscow to cut its support for secessionist rebels in Ukraine.

EU delays implementing Ukraine free trade deal 13 September 2014, 23:08 CET
The European Union said Friday it will delay implementation of a free trade deal with Ukraine by more than a year until the end of 2015.

Commission chief says Ukraine truce 'insufficient' for peace 12 September 2014, 20:04 CET
European Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso warned on Friday that the Ukrainian ceasefire was not enough to achieve long-term peace and chided Russia over its "unacceptable behaviour" in its western neighbour.

Poroshenko says Ukraine to ratify EU pact next week 12 September 2014, 12:42 CET
President Petro Poroshenko said on Friday that the Ukrainian and European parliaments would meet on September 16 to jointly ratify an historic agreement pulling his country further out of Russia's reach.

West imposes new Russia sanctions, Putin defiant 13 September 2014, 23:05 CET
The United States and European Union hit Russia with tough new sanctions Friday in a coordinated riposte to Moscow's "unacceptable behaviour" in Ukraine despite a fragile truce.

West hits Russia with new sanctions over Ukraine 12 September 2014, 11:04 CET
The European Union will impose fresh sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis on Friday as Moscow angrily accuses its foes of trying to wreck the push for peace.

EU proposes new Ukraine-Russian gas talks 11 September 2014, 18:03 CET
Brussels said Thursday it has invited Russia and Ukraine to hold new EU-brokered talks in Berlin on September 20 in a bid to end their dispute over gas deliveries.

EU to slap sanctions on Russia as NATO says troops still in Ukraine 11 September 2014, 16:18 CET
The European Union has agreed to slap a new round of sanctions on Russia on Friday despite a fragile ceasefire in Ukraine, where NATO said Moscow still had 1,000 troops on the ground.

EU to implement Russia sanctions on Friday: sources 11 September 2014, 13:22 CET
EU member states have agreed to bring a new round of sanctions into effect against Russia on Friday, diplomatic sources said, after sharp disagreements on how to react to a ceasefire in Ukraine.

Divided EU in new talks on Russia sanctions over Ukraine 11 September 2014, 11:10 CET
The European Union holds a new round of talks on Thursday to try to agree on the latest round of sanctions against Moscow as a fragile truce in Ukraine appeared to be largely holding.

EU fails to agree timing of new Russia sanctions: source 10 September 2014, 21:36 CET
The European Union failed to reach agreement on when the latest economic sanctions against Russia should be implemented and will meet again on Thursday for more talks, a diplomatic source said.

EU suspends aid to farmers hit by Russian embargo 10 September 2014, 19:41 CET
The EU on Wednesday suspended 125 million euros in aid to growers hit by a Russian fruit and vegetable embargo following what EU sources said were dubious compensation claims, especially from Poland.

Baltics most vulnerable to Russia food sanctions: EBRD 10 September 2014, 19:48 CET
Lithuania and fellow Baltic states Estonia and Latvia are the countries most vulnerable to a Russian block on EU food exports imposed in retaliation for Western sanctions, the EBRD bank said.

EU unity on Russia sanctions comes first: Italy's Mogherini 10 September 2014, 18:12 CET
Italian foreign minister and incoming EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini said Wednesday the European Union must be united on new sanctions against Russia or else it could strengthen Moscow.

Merkel urges EU to go ahead with Russia sanctions 10 September 2014, 13:07 CET
German Chancellor Angela Merkel called Wednesday for the European Union to move quickly on new sanctions against Russia, saying they could always be lifted if a Ukraine ceasefire holds.

EU sanctions Russia despite new Putin-Poroshenko peace push 08 September 2014, 22:57 CET
The European Union adopted new sanctions against Moscow on Monday despite the leaders of Russia and Ukraine vowing to uphold a truce aimed at halting a devastating five-month war.

Poroshenko visits flashpoint city as EU meets on Russia sanctions 08 September 2014, 20:36 CET
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visited a flashpoint eastern city Monday where sporadic fighting has rattled a three-day-old ceasefire between government and rebel forces.

EU calls new meeting over Russia sanctions split 08 September 2014, 18:41 CET
EU officials called a fresh meeting on Monday to discuss a new round of sanctions against Moscow after failing to reach unanimous agreement on the measures, diplomatic sources said.

EU sanctions to hit Russian oil giants: sources 08 September 2014, 17:02 CET
New EU sanctions against Moscow due to be announced on Monday will likely limit access to financial markets by Russian oil companies Rosneft and Transneft plus the petroleum unit of gas giant Gazprom, diplomatic sources said.