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Ukraine and the EU

Latest business news about Ukraine and the European Union.

EU reassures Ukraine despite overtures to Russia 26 November 2015, 15:44 CET
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Tuesday the European Union had assured him it would keep its focus on Kiev despite efforts by some of the bloc's members to enlist Russia in a coalition against the Islamic State.

Ukraine bans workplace discrimination against gays 12 November 2015, 18:49 CET
Ukraine's parliament Thursday finally banned discrimination against gays in the workplace during a heated session on legislation that could open the door to visa-free travel to much of the EU in 2016.

Ukraine fails again to ban discrimination against gays 10 November 2015, 23:32 CET
Ukraine's parliament failed for the second time Tuesday to adopt a ban on anti-gay discrimination in the workplace, though it did vote in five other laws needed to secure visa-free travel to most EU nations.

EU says Ukraine would gain 'credibility' by beating graft 09 November 2015, 18:13 CET
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini urged Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko Monday to take tougher and more immediate action against corruption as his ex-Soviet country moves closer to Europe.

Ukraine snubs free travel to Europe over anti-gay law 05 November 2015, 21:31 CET
Ukraine's parliament Thursday scuppered the ex-Soviet country's chances of visa-free travel to most EU nations by blocking legislation that would have banned discrimination against gays in the workplace.

Eurosceptics force Dutch referendum on EU treaty with Ukraine 14 October 2015, 17:35 CET
Dutch voters are heading to the polls next spring for a rare non-binding referendum over a key EU-Ukraine treaty, after eurosceptics forced a vote on the issue.

Russia's Gazprom resumes gas supplies to Ukraine 12 October 2015, 20:44 CET
Gazprom on Monday resumed gas supplies to Ukraine after receiving prepayment of $234 million (206 million euros) from Kiev, assuaging European fears about a new energy crisis ahead of the winter heating season.

EU welcomes Ukraine rebel poll delay as 'fundamental step' 06 October 2015, 16:22 CET
The EU welcomed Tuesday a decision by pro-Russian Ukraine rebels to delay planned elections until 2016 as a "fundamental step" towards full implementation of the Minsk peace accords.

EU growth too weak for Ukraine to join: economist Sachs 02 October 2015, 15:07 CET
Economic growth in the European Union is too weak to allow for Ukraine to join the 28-member bloc, according to leading US economist and reformer Jeffrey Sachs.

EU, Russia, Ukraine agree winter gas supply deal 30 September 2015, 13:33 CET
Russia agreed to resume gas supplies to Ukraine over the winter under a deal clinched late Friday with the European Union, capping months of difficult talks overshadowed by the Ukrainian conflict.

Russia offers Ukraine gas price discount ahead of talks 25 September 2015, 21:01 CET
Moscow said Friday it had offered Kiev a gas price discount that should let the neighbours strike a deal at talks in Brussels on resuming fuel flows for the first time in three months.

Ukraine-Russia gas talks to resume in Brussels 24 September 2015, 19:48 CET
Russia and Ukraine will resume European Union-brokered gas talks in Brussels on Friday aimed at restoring Russian gas supplies to its neighbour this winter, Moscow and the EU said Thursday.

EU says increased farm exports offset Russian ban 23 September 2015, 00:16 CET
The EU said Tuesday an increase in farm exports to other markets had more than offset a Russian import ban which cost the bloc's farmers nearly five billion euros in the past year.

EU extends Ukraine sanctions by six months 14 September 2015, 16:45 CET
EU member states formally approved on Monday a six-month extension of sanctions against Ukrainian and Russian figures accused of backing pro-Moscow rebels fighting to break away from Kiev.

Top officials hail 'progress' on Ukraine deal 13 September 2015, 02:17 CET
Progress has been made on some contentious issues in the peace process, the foreign ministers of Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France said after holding talks in Berlin on Saturday to prepare for a summit in Paris on October 2.

Ukrainian PM warns West not to lift Russia sanctions 12 September 2015, 12:37 CET
Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on Saturday urged the West not to lift sanctions on Russia for its role in the Ukraine conflict unless the Minsk peace deal is fully implemented.

Russia discusses resumption of Ukraine gas deliveries with EU 12 September 2015, 00:30 CET
Russia and the European Union on Friday discussed ways of ending Russia's gas dispute with Ukraine to allow for the resumption of gas supplies to Russia's war-torn ex-Soviet neighbour.

Juncker warns Moscow that EU borders are 'untouchable' 09 September 2015, 12:36 CET
European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker warned Moscow Wednesday the security of EU member nations was sacrosanct, amid growing alarm in eastern states over the crisis in Ukraine.

EU set to extend Ukraine sanctions by six months 03 September 2015, 13:14 CET
The EU will extend sanctions for another six months against Ukrainian and Russian figures accused of backing pro-Moscow rebels fighting for independence from Kiev, EU sources said on Wednesday.

Ukraine ceasefire undermined, EU extends sanctions 02 September 2015, 17:54 CET
Two civilians were killed Wednesday in eastern Ukraine, undermining fresh efforts to end simmering violence as the European Union agreed to extend sanctions against individuals deemed responsible for the conflict.

EU says deadly Kiev clashes 'very worrying' 01 September 2015, 00:20 CET
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini expressed concern over "very worrying" deadly clashes in Kiev as Ukrainian lawmakers backed an autonomy plan for rebel regions on Monday.

EU says Russia's jailing of Ukrainian filmmaker 'in breach of international law' 26 August 2015, 00:18 CET
The EU sharply criticised Russia on Tuesday for the jailing of Ukrainian filmmaker and Kremlin critic Oleg Sentsov, calling it a violation of international law.

EU says escalation in eastern Ukraine violates Minsk peace deal 11 August 2015, 22:22 CET
Mounting attacks in government-held areas of eastern Ukraine violate a February peace deal with pro-Russian separatists, the EU said Tuesday.

EU denounces arson attack on observers' vehicles in Ukraine 10 August 2015, 22:21 CET
The EU on Monday denounced an arson attack on armoured vehicles belonging to OSCE observers monitoring a fragile ceasefire in rebel-held eastern Ukraine and urged warring sides to fully respect the truce.

EU offers more help for farmers hurt by Russia sanctions 10 August 2015, 22:25 CET
The EU on Friday formally extended until next year a multi-million-euro aid package to help European fruit and vegetable growers hit by Russian sanctions over the Ukraine crisis.