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Documents and other content from the EUbusiness community, including blogs, press releases, newsletters, reports, links, policy papers and studies.
Chart Patterns - Binary Options by EUbusiness — last modified 30 March 2015, 15:38 CET
Chart patterns are shapes used in technical analysis that traders use to make sense of market conditions. They help forecast where the price of the underlying asset will be in the future.
EU reviews its policy towards its eastern neighbours by Nick Prag — last modified 26 March 2015, 22:57 CET
Ukraine and Russia were topics of this week in the European Union, with the Europe's Parliament approving huge financial assistance to Ukraine, while the Commission published country reports on implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy.
How trade policy and regional trade agreements support and strengthen EU economic performance by EUbusiness — last modified 26 March 2015, 22:18 CET
This discussion paper, presented at this week's ministerial Council, reviews the contribution that trade agreements between the EU and its trading partners can make to boost jobs and growth in Europe. The EU has an ambitious bilateral agenda which can complement the multilateral trading system centred on the WTO. The paper calculates that, if concluded successfully, ongoing bilateral negotiations could boost EU's GDP by more than 2%, or 250 billion euros. In the EU, 31 million jobs – over 14% of total employment – depend on our exports to third countries. Each additional €1bn of exports supports roughly 14.000 additional jobs across the EU, the paper adds. These are in general more qualified and better paid than in the rest of the economy. The millions of trade-related jobs include retail, wholesale, port handling, logistics and transportation.
Earth Hour - the biggest global movement to save the planet - gets support from top EU politicians by WWF — last modified 26 March 2015, 20:55 CET
Top ranking political leaders in the European Commission, as well as more than 70 Members of the European Parliament, join millions of people around the world on the occasion of Earth Hour 2015.
IACA identifies priorities to improve airlines' competitiveness by International Air Carrier Association — last modified 26 March 2015, 20:50 CET
IACA's annual Assembly took place in Brussels on 24th and 25th March 2015, providing an opportunity for the Association’s members to discuss key issues with high-level representatives from the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Economic and Social Committee, EASA and EU Member States.
Press Officer, European Ombudsman by European Ombudsman — last modified 25 March 2015, 21:39 CET
The European Ombudsman is looking for a dynamic and highly motivated journalist to strengthen her Media and External Relations Unit in Brussels.
Digital Communications Officer, Eurogroup for Animals by Eurogroup — last modified 24 March 2015, 16:38 CET
The Eurogroup for Animals has a vacancy for a Digital Communications Officer.
Dangerous product alerts rise in Europe - EU safety laws stalled by European Consumers’ Organisation — last modified 23 March 2015, 17:22 CET
Warnings on dangerous non-food consumer products made to the EU’s rapid alert system (RAPEX) increased to nearly 2,500 in 2014. Adding to the problem, EU product safety and market surveillance laws to improve EU-wide cooperation – drafted in February 2013 – have still not passed due to a stalemate of EU governments.
Director Internal Auditing and Investigations, European Patent Office by EPO — last modified 23 March 2015, 17:11 CET
The European Patent Office in Munich is seeking a Director Internal Auditing and Investigations.
Executive Director, Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership by ECSEL JU — last modified 23 March 2015, 17:06 CET
Vacancy notice for the position of Executive Director at ECSEL JU (Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership)
Risk Management Officer - Credit Risk Model Monitoring and Development, European Investment Bank by EIB — last modified 23 March 2015, 17:00 CET
The EIB, the European Union’s bank, is seeking to recruit for its Risk Management Directorate (RM), Credit Risk Department (CRD), at its headquarters in Luxembourg, a (Senior) Risk Management Officer - Credit Risk Model Management.
Differential treatment of workers under 25 with a view to their access to the labour market by EUbusiness — last modified 19 March 2015, 23:57 CET
This Policy Department A study aims at providing the EMPL Committee with an up-todate, comprehensive picture of the latest developments in policy measures regarding differential treatment of workers under 25 in the EU with a view to their access to the labour market. The evidence collected shows that in the last 15 years the youth unemployment rate has been constantly higher than the adult rate in the EU. Active labour market policies and employer incentives can be combined effectively to increase the employment rate of young people. When measures discriminate, this tends to be the result of the interplay between the measure and the institutional and socioeconomic context. While the responsibility for employment policies resides at national level, the EU can enhance its coordinating and overseeing role to support young people in becoming financially independent and socially included. The EU should promote policy innovation and better define anti-discrimination legislation with respect to age
Bird's eye view of Latvia by EUbusiness — last modified 19 March 2015, 23:54 CET
This exhibition is all about revealing the beauty of the Earth. When you fly above our earth in an airplane all the details begin to merge, the daily bustle of life disappears, puffy cumulus clouds float by as if a white flock of sheep as you traverse the broad heavens. Stunning landscapes open up before your very eyes – all of this has of course been superbly described by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry and Richard Bach. But this exhibition is about the particular beauty of Latvia, about Latvia’s green forests, its winding rivers, the fields that farmers till, the fascination of marshes and other landscapes as seen from above, the mystery of the Old City streets of Rīga and the majesty of its churches as they reach toward heaven.
Understanding crowdfunding and its regulations - How can crowdfunding help ICT innovation? by EUbusiness — last modified 19 March 2015, 23:51 CET
This report offers an overview of crowdfunding using the current literature on the topic. It explains how crowdfunding campaigns and crowdfunding platforms function. It next explains how start-ups can benefit from crowdfunding: start-ups can gain access to finance not otherwise available; but crowdfunding can also lend legitimacy to projects and can help these projects access traditional financing. This report also discusses potential drawbacks, such as the risk that crowdfunding might lead entrepreneurs to disclosure requirements that destroy the value of their ideas and might expose investors to fraud, incompetent managers, and investment lock-ins. Finally, this report highlights how current equity crowdfunding regulations have regulated platforms, participating crowds, and fundraising companies. We conclude by offering further avenues of investigation to assess how crowdfunding and these regulations will impact the funding of ICT innovations .
The future of the transport industry by EUbusiness — last modified 19 March 2015, 23:48 CET
This publication aims to bridge the gap between the analysis of the trends in the European transport system and the evaluation of their impacts on competitiveness. Specifically, this report presents the future challenges, demand drivers and upcoming innovations which can have a considerable impact on the global demand patterns for the passenger and freight transport and how this might affect the competitiveness of related industries and service providers. Emphasis is given to targeted research strategies. The goal is to investigate the challenges for the European transport sector in the long term, in order to develop the suitable strategic options for European transport research policy.
EU leaders move forward on Paris climate deal but struggle to shrug off coal: Greenpeace by Greenpeace European Unit — last modified 19 March 2015, 23:20 CET
The EU’s domestic energy plans are struggling to keep up with its climate change diplomacy, warned Greenpeace after a summit of European leaders in Brussels.
E-skills the key to unlocking Europe's potential for growth and job creation by EUbusiness — last modified 19 March 2015, 17:29 CET
Last week governments, industry, NGOs and educational bodies from 22 European countries joined forces with the European Commission to push for further action to stimulate the creation of the jobs needed to build a digital single market in Europe.
WWF and LiveWell for LIFE call for a sustainable food system for Europe by WWF — last modified 19 March 2015, 14:00 CET
Today WWF calls on the European Commission’s First Vice-President Frans Timmermans to develop a clear plan for a healthy and climate friendly European food system by 2030, in collaboration with the LiveWell for LIFE project.
Social Partners have to tackle competitiveness for growth and jobs by European craft and SME employers’ organisation — last modified 19 March 2015, 13:54 CET
Today, the troika of the Heads of State, the President of the European Council and of the European Commission along with the European Social Partners met at the Spring Tripartite Social Summit to discuss how social partners can contribute to investments in growth and jobs.
Financial Assistant for SME Verification, European Chemicals Agency by ECHA — last modified 19 March 2015, 13:50 CET
The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is launching this call for expressions of interest in order to establish a reserve list for the following contract agent profile: Financial Assistant for SME Verification.