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Documents and other content from the EUbusiness community, including blogs, press releases, newsletters, reports, links, policy papers and studies.
Legal Communicator, European Communities Trade Mark Association by ECTA — last modified 22 July 2014, 12:03 CET
ECTA has decided to strengthen its resources within the Brussels Office in order to serve its members and the IP Community more efficiently. The hired person would be reporting to the Legal Coordinator.
Health and Social Investment Manager, EuroHealthNet by Eurohealthnet — last modified 22 July 2014, 11:54 CET
EuroHealthNet are looking for a full time manager who is experienced, dynamic and well organised to lead and develop PHASE and to advocate for opportunities for health improvement through social investment policies at EU and national levels.
ECA statement on Malaysia Airlines MH17 by European Cockpit Association — last modified 17 July 2014, 20:10 CET
Today the European pilots were shocked by the news that a Malaysian Commercial Aircraft was shot down over Ukraine by a surface to air missile.
Europeans have the right to re-use and exploit public information by Nick Prag — last modified 17 July 2014, 18:01 CET
Europeans have a genuine right to re-use open public information. And this week the Commission issued a set of guidelines to help Member States take advantage of the revised Directive on re-use of public sector information.
Mapping of National School Food Policies across the EU by EUbusiness — last modified 16 July 2014, 23:17 CET
With childhood obesity prevalence on the rise in many European countries, schools may serve as a protected environment for children to learn healthy diet and lifestyle habits. Policy makers, educators and researchers would benefit from a comprehensive overview of European school food policies. Mandatory standards are defined in 18 of the policies (53%), the remainder offering voluntary guidelines. Top 3 policy aims are to improve child nutrition (97%), teach healthy dietary/lifestyle habits (94%) and reduce/prevent obesity (88%). Variations mainly relate to the types of meals targeted (e.g. lunch, breakfast, snack, dinner); whether standards/recommendations are nutrient- and/or food-based; and if vending machines and the wider food environment (kiosks near schools, packed lunches from home, etc.) are considered. Conclusion: We provide an up-to-date overview of European school food policies. The next step will be to assess the need and feasibility for developing best practice guidelines for school food policies in Europe, bearing in mind cultural and structural differences between countries.
ALTER-EU welcomes Juncker's commitment to a mandatory lobby register and proactive transparency by Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation in the EU — last modified 16 July 2014, 18:21 CET
The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU) welcomes Jean-Claude Juncker's commitment to a mandatory lobby register and to provide proactive transparency about EU decision-making, a promise made during his confirmation hearing as Commission President in the European parliament this morning. This should help to ensure that EU institutions are far more open and transparent in the way that they work.
EPHA calls on new Commission president to put people's needs first by European Public Health Alliance — last modified 15 July 2014, 19:52 CET
The European Parliament has confirmed Jean-Claude Juncker as the new President of the European Commission. EPHA would like to congratulate Mr Juncker for the confirmation and urges him to commit his 2014-2019 mandate to the health and well-being of people living in Europe.
Eurofound yearbook 2013: Living and working in Europe by EUbusiness — last modified 14 July 2014, 13:53 CET
Eurofound’s fifth annual yearbook, Living and working in Europe, based on the Agency’s research from 2013, describes developments in the EU in the wake of the crisis, focusing on major topic areas including changes in labour markets and employment, efforts to tackle youth unemployment, innovation in workplaces and public trust in institutions. The yearbook is accompanied by the Annual activity report of the Authorising Officer 2013, which is the Agency’s formal reporting on operations, staff and budgets.
TTIP group members urge Commission to drop business v state dispute resolution by European Public Health Alliance — last modified 14 July 2014, 15:40 CET
Following the end of the public consultation on investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) in the EU-US free trade negotiations (known as TTIP), the European Environmental Bureau, the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) and Transport & Environment call on the Commission to exclude ISDS from TTIP and to publish all contributions. The EEB, EPHA and T&E are members of the EU’s TTIP advisory group representing civil society.
Senior Policy Adviser - Brussels, Confederation of British Industry by Confederation of British Industry — last modified 10 July 2014, 12:52 CET
The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has a vacancy for a Senior Policy Adviser for its office in Brussels.
Legal Officer, European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites by EUMETSAT — last modified 14 July 2014, 14:19 CET
EUMETSAT, Europe's meteorological satellite agency, is inviting well-qualified candidates from its Member States to apply for the post of Legal Officer.
2014 election results by country by EUbusiness — last modified 08 July 2014, 23:26 CET
EBF to host discussion on international accounting standards by ebffbe — last modified 08 July 2014, 00:26 CET
A panel event hosted by the European Banking Federation with accounting experts will discuss International Financial Reporting Standards on Tuesday. Under the title 'IFRS at Crossroads', the event will bring together about 100 participants from 16 countries at the EBF premises in Brussels.
Senior Advisor Communication (FMO), EFTA Secretariat by EFTA — last modified 07 July 2014, 14:08 CET
The Financial Mechanism Office (FMO) of the EFTA Secretariat is looking to recruit a Senior Advisor for Communication.
Communications and Marketing Officer, Vesalius  College by Vesalius College — last modified 07 July 2014, 13:52 CET
Vesalius  College,  based  in  Brussels, has a vacancy for a Communications and Marketing Officer.
Management Accountant, European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts by ECMWF — last modified 07 July 2014, 13:12 CET
The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is looking to recruit a Management Accountant.
Communications & Administration Officer, Architects' Council of Europe by ACE — last modified 09 July 2014, 17:23 CET
The ACE is recruiting a Communications & Administration Officer.
A win for transparency: EPHA calls for TTIP negotiating documents to be opened to public scrutiny by European Public Health Alliance — last modified 04 July 2014, 18:17 CET
Yesterday the European Court of Justice ruled that access to documents relating to international activity would not be automatically exempt from EU transparency requirements. This decision opens the possibility for the European Commission to make public papers relating to the EU-US trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
Payment During Vacation Leave Should Include Commission by Alexia Demicoli — last modified 04 July 2014, 18:10 CET
Abuse of Dominance - Seeking an Injunction by Alexia Demicoli — last modified 04 July 2014, 18:07 CET
The European Commission has confirmed that, while recourse to an injunction is generally a legitimate remedy for patent infringements, seeking an injunction may also constitute an abuse of dominance if (i) a holder of standard essential patents (SEPs) has given a commitment to licence of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms (FRAND); and (ii) the potential licensee is willing to acquire a licence on FRAND.