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Philippe Gelis, CEO and co-founder Kantox (Foreign exchange (FX) platform) by EUbusiness — last modified 26 June 2016, 00:30 CET
Despite the endless headlines about Brexit, the reality is that many people were not prepared for this scenario. In this respect, this looks like the worst planned Referendum in history - not in terms of the vote or the campaigns, but because no one really knows or prepared for the actual implication of the result.
Mike Laven, CEO Currencycloud (international payments platform) by EUbusiness — last modified 26 June 2016, 00:27 CET
“There’s no doubt that the nation’s decision to leave the EU has major macro-economic implications - Negotiations will be long and ongoing – and this uncertainty alone means we can expect significant volatility ahead.
They took their country back - Donald J. Trump by EUbusiness — last modified 26 June 2016, 00:18 CET
Last night UK voters shocked the world. With your help, we're going to do the exact same thing on Election Day 2016 here in the United States of America.
University of Leicester reaction to Brexit result by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:46 CET
As the result of the UK's referendum on whether to remain or leave the European Union has finally been announced, academics and staff at the University of Leicester have been giving their reaction to what is undoubtedly an historic decision for the United Kingdom and the EU. With the UK's exit from the EU now decided on by the electorate, experts have expressed their views on the impact both now and in years to come:
What does Brexit mean for the UK tech industry? by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:39 CET
Following the result of the EU referendum this morning, Aftab Afzal, SVP & GM EMEA at NSFOCUS IB commented:
Commission must prepare glyphosate exit plan, Greenpeace by Greenpeace European Unit — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:37 CET
Greenpeace has called on the European Commission to prepare a glyphosate exit plan, after an EU vote on the controversial weedkiller today cleared the way for the Commission to push through a temporary licence extension.
European Federalists: after the UK vote, a renewed commitment to political unity by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:32 CET
The Union of European Federalists regrets the outcome of the referendum held on 23rd June 2016 in the United Kingdom. Populists and nationalists have managed to convince the majority of British citizens. In the UK, as in many other countries across Europe, the European Union is failing to gain the hearts and minds of EU citizens with clear solutions to their problems and a clear and convincing project for a better future for Europe.
JEF Europe respects – but regrets – the decision of the British citizens and calls upon EU governments to make decisive steps for European integration by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:29 CET
The Young European Federalists (JEF) Europe, while respecting the decision made by the British people, profoundly regrets the outcome of the referendum to leave the European Union.
Statement on the referendum of the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:26 CET
Following the result of the United Kingdom referendum on EU membership, Eurofound will continue to implement its work programme and provide European policymakers with high-quality, timely and policy-relevant knowledge as input to better informed social and work-related policies, covering up to 35 countries (EU Member States, candidate countries and other European countries).
What the Brexit will mean for business owners by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:23 CET
Following the results Phil Foster, MD of Love Energy Savings has shared his views on what this decision will mean to business owners and ways they can ensure to keep business costs down.
Brexit brings risks and uncertainties for UK environment and leaves EU weaker: WWF EU by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:19 CET
Responding to the result of the British referendum on EU membership, Geneviève Pons, Director of WWF European Policy Office said:
Brexit A "Big Blow" To UK's Micro-Businesses by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:15 CET
This result is a big blow to the UK's micro-business sector and I think that a lot of people will be very concerned about what the future will hold.
ParcelHero calls on the Government to secure access to the Single Market and avoid imposing new tariffs, following vote for Brexit by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:09 CET
The international courier ParcelHero has responded to the vote to leave the EU by calling for the Government to negotiate immediately for access to the single market, and not seek to impose tariffs on EU imports into the UK.
Party of European Socialists deeply regrets Brexit vote, prepares for changes by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:06 CET
The Party of European Socialists deeply regrets the decision by the British people to vote to leave the EU. We believe that this is a massive setback for both the European Union and the UK.
John Brennan, CEO of Amaris Hospitality by EUbusiness — last modified 25 June 2016, 00:04 CET
We are now entering a period of uncertainly as Britain prepares the ground for exit. While the negotiation period could have an affect on the markets overall in the short-term, the hospitality sector is well-placed to remain robust during this period.
Red alert for nature and environment following leave vote by EUbusiness — last modified 24 June 2016, 23:59 CET
The environment must be at the heart of our exit negotiations with Europe and how we plan our future as a country – says Friends of the Earth, as the environmental campaign group warns that with the referendum over, the difficult debates are now just beginning.
Low On Cash? Short Term Finance Solutions to Get You Out of the Red by EUbusiness — last modified 24 June 2016, 15:47 CET
Education Economist, European Investment Bank by EIB — last modified 24 June 2016, 00:42 CET
The EIB, the European Union's bank, is seeking to recruit for its Projects Directorate (PJ) - Innovation and Competitiveness Department (INCO) - Education and Public Research Division (EPR) at its headquarters in Luxembourg, an Education Economist.
Finance officer, Friends of the Earth Europe by Friends of the Earth Europe — last modified 24 June 2016, 00:34 CET
Friends of the Earth Europe is seeking a Finance officer to join the finance team of Friends of the Earth Europe, working under supervision of the Finance Manager.
Window covering cords can KILL by ANEC, the European consumer voice in standardisation — last modified 23 June 2016, 16:18 CET
The OECD Global Awareness Campaign on Window Covering Cord Safety runs from 23 to 30 June. ANEC joins OECD in wanting to ensure parents are aware of the risks that window blind cords can pose to young children.
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