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Documents and other content from the EUbusiness community, including blogs, press releases, newsletters, reports, links, policy papers and studies.
SYSTRAN showcases new language service APIs to build ground-breaking apps at Mobile World Congress 2016 by BUSINESS FRANCE UK — last modified 08 February 2016, 12:55 CET
SYSTRAN, the leading provider of intelligent language technologies, will be showcasing a cloud based application program interface (API) platform offering natural language processing (NLP) services on the French Pavilion (stand 5B61) at MWC 2016, 22 25 February 2016. The aim of this new platform is to let independent developers and companies explore the vast ocean of multilingual data and obtain these data in an analysis-friendly form.
TiSA to open up new markets for EU services by Nick Prag — last modified 04 February 2016, 22:25 CET
Compared to other trade deals, the talks on a Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) have had a pretty smooth ride. TiSA came to the fore this week when Euro-MPs in plenary set out their guidelines for the deal to the Commission, which is negotiating on the EU's behalf.
Europe failing to use legal armoury against illegal logging by Greenpeace European Unit — last modified 04 February 2016, 18:29 CET
In the coming weeks, the European Commission will adopt a report assessing the implementation and effectiveness of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR), which became applicable in March 2013, and formulate recommendations about its next steps.
Serbia - the first EU candidate country to produce a Gender Equality Index by EUbusiness — last modified 04 February 2016, 17:59 CET
Serbia launched on 2 February the results of its Gender Equality Index making it the first non-EU country to produce an assessment of how equal women and men are in the various fields of society by applying a broad scale of indicators. Compared with the EU Member States Serbia’s overall score places it in 22nd position. With a score of 40.6 points out of 100 Serbia is almost half way towards gender equality. In comparison, the EU average is 52.9.
Rulemaking by the European Commission: The New System for Delegation of Powers by EUbusiness — last modified 04 February 2016, 15:00 CET
The last few years have seen major reforms to the delegation of powers and post-delegation supervision of the European Commission. In light of these reforms, Rulemaking by the European Commission: The New System for Delegation of Powers assesses whether the new system has really affected the old doctrine of delegation of powers, and if so, how? Specific questions answered include: have the objectives of the reform been achieved and what were these objectives? How does the new system affect the division of functions between the institutions of the EU and the institutional balance? Has this new system affected the relationship between the EU and its Member States, and if so, how does it concern its citizens? Presented by an interdisciplinary group of experts who have actively followed or participated in the process of reform, the book is structured in four parts: (1) the political and historical context in which the rule-making takes place, (2) the operation and functioning of the system before and after the reform, (3) the legal substance of a new framework for rule-making and the emerging case law from the Court of Justice of the EU, and (4) the procedural dimension, including the legal preconditions for non-institutional actors to participate.
Families in the economic crisis: Changes in policy measures in the EU by EUbusiness — last modified 04 February 2016, 13:58 CET
Throughout Europe families have felt the effects of the economic crisis that began in 2008. This report describes their experience in the aftermath of the crisis, up to the present. It looks in detail at developments in 10 Member States that were selected to represent different types of family policy regime, ranging from those with the most ‘enabling’ policies (which help families move away from the traditional single ‘breadwinner’ model) to those with the most ‘limiting’ policies (which do not). The report analyses Member States’ responses to the crisis. The findings show that changes in family policy since 2010 are largely the result of a range of conflicting issues: the evolution of family needs; demands for austerity cuts; and the need for equitable distribution of limited resources. Such conflict means that family policies often lack an integrated policy framework. In some countries, benefits have been reduced, disproportionately affecting disadvantaged families; in others, new measures have been targeted at the most severely hit. In summary, this report provides policy-makers with evidence from different country settings on what policy measures appear to work to mitigate the risk of poverty or social exclusion for disadvantaged families with dependent children.
Junior Legal Affairs Officer, European Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation by FACE — last modified 04 February 2016, 11:42 CET
FACE, the European Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation, is looking for a motivated Junior Legal Affairs Officer to join its team in Brussels.
Communications and Marketing Officer, Institute for European Studies by EIS — last modified 04 February 2016, 11:31 CET
The Institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel seeks to employ a full-time Communications and Marketing Officer.
Policy Adviser, New Zealand Mission of New Zealand to the European Union by New Zealand Embassy — last modified 04 February 2016, 11:22 CET
The New Zealand Mission of New Zealand to the European Union wishes to recruit a Policy Adviser, on a short-term contract starting mid-March 2016.
European Parliament calls for TiSA agreement that protects and benefits consumers by European Consumers’ Organisation — last modified 03 February 2016, 22:51 CET
Today, the European Parliament’s plenary adopted recommendations to the European Commission on the ongoing ‘Trade in Services’ (TiSA) agreement.
Auto industry reacts to parliament vote on RDE by European Automobile Manufacturers Association — last modified 03 February 2016, 22:43 CET
The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) welcomes the direction set by the European Parliament in today’s vote, allowing for the adoption of the regulation on Real Driving Emissions (RDE), which was approved by the member states last October.
EuroISPA: Privacy Shield political agreement is a step in the right direction by EuroISPA — last modified 03 February 2016, 22:36 CET
EuroISPA has been supportive of the efforts of the European Commission, the US Department of Commerce, and the Article 29 Working Group to realise a data transfer mechanism that supports transatlantic trade and maintains consumer trust in the Information Society.
Senior Legal Adviser, EFTA Secretariat by EFTA — last modified 28 January 2016, 22:03 CET
The Secretary-General’s Office of the EFTA Secretariat is looking to recruit a Senior Legal Adviser.
Director, European Free Trade Association by EFTA — last modified 28 January 2016, 22:00 CET
The EFTA Statistical Office (ESO) in Luxembourg is looking to recruit a Director.
Policy Officer, Open Society Foundations by OSF — last modified 28 January 2016, 21:55 CET
Open Society Foundations is looking to recruit a Communications Specialist.
Head of Legal Services, European Molecular Biology Laboratory by EMBL — last modified 28 January 2016, 21:51 CET
The European Molecular Biology Laboratory is looking to recruit a Head of Legal Services.
Erasmus+ gains good grades, one year on by Nick Prag — last modified 28 January 2016, 16:56 CET
Three reviews of the EU's education funding out this week provided a positive evaluation of the first year of the Erasmus+ programme for education, training, youth and sport between 2014-2020.
Misguided spending by enfants terribles is undermining Europe's transition to a fossil-free future by Friends of the Earth Europe — last modified 28 January 2016, 15:58 CET
EU billions destined to transform the carbon-intensive, inefficient energy systems of central and eastern Europe are being misspent, finds a new report today by CEE Bankwatch Network and Friends of the Earth Europe. Bad spending plans and a lack of climate commitments from nine central and eastern European governments is hampering Europe’s transition away from fossil fuels, the groups say.
EU presents plans to repair car testing by European Consumers’ Organisation — last modified 27 January 2016, 17:51 CET
The European Commission presented its plans on 27 January for overhauling the framework to approve cars in the European Union.
EU SME policy has to move from words to actions by European craft and SME employers’ organisation — last modified 27 January 2016, 12:40 CET
Ulrike Rabmer-Koller, used her first official visit to Brussels as the new President of the European Crafts and SME Association UEAPME, to discuss future priorities of Europe's SME policy with EC Vice-President Jyrki Katainen, Commissioner Avramopoulos, Members of Parliament, representatives from Commission services and other stakeholders.