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Banking in the European Union

Latest business news and information covering the EU's banking sector.

The SWIFT case and the American Terrorist Finance Tracking Program 28 June 2007, 15:27 CET
After the 11th September 2001 terrorist attacks, the United States Department of the Treasury ("U.S. Treasury") developed the "Terrorist Finance Tracking Program" ("TFTP"). The TFTP is based on United States statutory mandates and Executive Orders authorising the U.S. Treasury to use appropriate measures to identify, track and pursue those who provide financial support for terrorist activity.

ECB publications
Publication Joint response from the Bank of England and the ECB to the consultation document of the European Commission: "An EU framework for simple, transparent and standardised securitisation" 27-03-2015
Publication The first euros. The creation and issue of the first euro banknotes and the road to the Europa series 26-03-2015
Working paper no. 1772 Fragility in money marketfunds: sponsor support and regulation, by <a href="">Cecilia Parlatore</a> , by Cecilia Parlatore 26-03-2015
Working paper no. 1771 Governments' payment discipline: the macroeconomic impact of public payment delays and arrears, by <a href="">Cristina Checherita-Westphal</a>, <a href="">Alexander Klemm</a>, <a href=""><em>et al.</em></a> , by Cristina Checherita-Westphal, Alexander Klemm and Paul Viefers 26-03-2015
Working paper no. 1770 The confidence effects of fiscal consolidations, by <a href="">Roel Beetsma</a>, <a href="">Jacopo Cimadomo</a>, <a href=""><em>et al.</em></a> , by Roel Beetsma, Jacopo Cimadomo, Oana Furtuna and Massimo Giuliodori 24-03-2015