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Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace. Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments, the EU, businesses or political parties.

EU governments reject Commission push for glyphosate 09 November 2017, 12:48 CET
European governments have again refused to support a European Commission plan to grant a shortened but unrestricted licence for glyphosate, Europe’s most widely used weedkiller that has been linked to cancer and environmental harm.

Commission shows narrow vision on renewable-powered shared mobility, Greenpeace 09 November 2017, 00:00 CET
A package of policy measures for the transport sector released by the European Commission fails to deliver an ambitious vision of shared mobility powered by renewable energy, said Greenpeace.

Growing number of EU governments oppose re-approval of glyphosate 25 October 2017, 14:04 CET
Amid mounting political and public opposition to glyphosate - a controversial and widely used weedkiller - representatives of European governments have again rejected the Commission’s proposal to grant glyphosate a new licence. A final vote has been postponed to November.

Commissioner Andriukaitis confronted with demands of over one million Europeans to ban glyphosate 23 October 2017, 14:03 CET
Two days before EU members states are expected to vote on whether to renew the licence for the controversial weedkiller glyphosate, representatives of the Stop Glyphosate European Citizens’ Initiative have met the European commissioner for health and food safety Vytenis Andriukaitis.

CETA threatens food safety even before national parliaments sign off 20 September 2017, 17:54 CET
On the eve of the preliminary application of the EU-Canada trade deal, CETA, Greenpeace warned of threats to food safety and agricultural standards.

EU-Japan trade deal smacks of corporate protectionism, Greenpeace 05 July 2017, 22:25 CET
According to media reports, the European Commission and Japan have reached an agreement which closes negotiations on most parts of the EU’s biggest bilateral trade deal to date.

Tighten rules on subsidies for coal, says European Parliament draft plan 21 June 2017, 18:08 CET
Rules governing subsidies for coal power plants should be tightened, according to a draft plan published today by MEP Kriajanis Karins.

More than one million Europeans stand up against glyphosate 15 June 2017, 17:44 CET
Today, the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to ban glyphosate, reform the EU pesticide approval process, and set mandatory targets to reduce pesticide use in the EU surpassed one million signatures.

European Parliament backs biodiversity over pesticides 14 June 2017, 23:34 CET
Today the European Parliament agreed with the European Commission that agricultural land dedicated to the preservation of biodiversity must not be treated with pesticides, rejecting an attempt by the Parliament’s agriculture committee to block this ban.

EU-China statement must lead shift to renewables, Greenpeace 05 June 2017, 13:19 CET
The EU and China's renewed commitment to fighting climate change must be backed up by a decisive shift to renewable energy, said Greenpeace. The EU-China joint statement comes amid reports of an imminent US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

European Parliament fires up Europe's energy transition 23 May 2017, 22:56 CET
European Parliament proposals to increase the EU's share of renewable energy to a minimum of 35 per cent, and to set binding targets for each EU country, are a step in the right direction, said Greenpeace.

EU could retake climate leadership under new EP plan to boost renewables, Greenpeace 17 May 2017, 23:52 CET
A new plan by key members of the European Parliament would help the EU retake global leadership on climate change, just as the US dithers on its commitments under the Paris climate agreement, said Greenpeace.

EU court ruling on Singapore trade deal is victory for democracy, Greenpeace 16 May 2017, 15:37 CET
The European Court of Justice ruled today that the European Commission cannot conclude trade deals without the approval of EU national parliaments, when they contain investment dispute systems that supersede national courts.

EU report on pesticide residues ignores toxic cocktail effect, Greenpeace 21 April 2017, 12:23 CET
An EU report on pesticide residues in food released today again fails to assess the combined effects of pesticides in the human body, warned Greenpeace.

Governments and citizens reject GMOs, Commission must follow - Greenpeace 27 March 2017, 18:31 CET
Today, national government representatives failed to support the approval of three genetically modified (GM) maize crops for cultivation in Europe: two new ones and the only GM crop currently grown in the EU.

European Commission takes major step to ban three bee-harming pesticides Governments must close remaining loopholes 23 March 2017, 20:24 CET
The European Commission has proposed a ban of three neonicotinoid pesticides known to harm bees and other species, except for use in permanent greenhouses, according to a leaked document seen by the Guardian.

EU chemicals agency sweeps glyphosate cancer evidence under the carpet 15 March 2017, 17:46 CET
Following in the footsteps of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has dismissed scientific evidence showing that the controversial weedkiller glyphosate could cause cancer.

Conflict of interest concerns blight glyphosate new safety assessment 07 March 2017, 23:43 CET
Potential conflicts of interest and transparency concerns hang over the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), as it prepares a crucial assessment of glyphosate, a controversial weedkiller which has been linked to cancer, warned Greenpeace.

CETA: MEPs put European Parliament on the wrong side of history 15 February 2017, 19:17 CET
Support for the controversial EU-Canada trade and investment protection deal – known as CETA – puts the European Parliament on the wrong side of history, warned Greenpeace.

Environmental and health organisations launch European citizens' initiative to ban glyphosate 08 February 2017, 14:11 CET
Campaigners and activists met in Brussels and other European cities (Madrid, Rome, Berlin and Paris) today to launch a European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) to ban glyphosate, reform the EU pesticide approval process, and set mandatory targets to reduce pesticide use in the EU. The goal is to collect at least one million signatures from Europeans and submit the petition before the Commission's next move to renew, withdraw or extend the EU licence of glyphosate.

EU energy plans won't meet Paris climate commitments 03 February 2017, 11:11 CET
Today the European Commission releases its report on the progress of the European Union's energy plans, the 'State of the Energy Union'. Greenpeace has criticised the EU's energy plans as inadequate to meet the challenge of climate change and the commitments made at the 2015 Paris climate conference.

MEPs unable to adjust CETA course as global trade doctrine crumbles, Greenpeace 26 January 2017, 15:49 CET
Members of the European Parliament's trade committee have endorsed a controversial EU-Canada trade and investment protection agreement (known as CETA), despite warnings that the deal could lead to a bonfire of environmental, health and social protection standards.

New study: neonicotinoids bigger threat to wild bees and other animals than previously thought 12 January 2017, 18:32 CET
Neonicotinoid pesticides pose serious risks not only to honeybees, but also to many other species, according to a scientific review published today by Greenpeace.

EU Advocate General opinion on EU-Singapore deal has wide implications for EU trade agenda 24 December 2016, 00:14 CET
In a landmark case that could affect the future of EU trade agreements, the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice has said that national parliaments should have the right to vote on a trade agreement between the EU and Singapore.

EU lifeline to coal could derail renewable energy transition 30 November 2016, 18:56 CET
A package of policy proposals released today by the European Commission threatens to derail efforts to accelerate the roll-out of renewables, while prolonging subsidies for coal, warned Greenpeace.

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