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Don't doubt EU resolve on Russia sanctions: Merkel 05 April 2014, 16:52 CET
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday warned Moscow not to doubt Europe's willingness to impose tough economic sanctions if Russia further violates Ukraine's borders.

Text message ban could undermine Afghan vote: EU 05 April 2014, 15:42 CET
The head of the European Union's Afghan election observer mission condemned the suspension of mobile text messaging services across the country Saturday, saying it threatened the transparency of the poll.

EU to set up international court for Kosovo war crimes 06 April 2014, 23:26 CET
The European Union said on Saturday it plans to set up an international court in Kosovo to deal with alleged crimes committed by ethnic-Albanian guerrillas during the war with Serbia.

EU backs Kerry's Middle East push 05 April 2014, 16:52 CET
European foreign ministers on Saturday said they fully supported efforts by US Secretary of State John Kerry to keep Middle East peace talks alive as tension mounted on both sides.

Russia cannot afford 'collapsing state' in its backyard 05 April 2014, 16:53 CET
Europe issued fresh calls Saturday for dialogue with Russia over Ukraine, warning Moscow it faces having a failed state in its backyard just as it tightens the economic noose on Kiev.

Tense EU urges Russia to 'show it is serious' and de-escalate 04 April 2014, 23:22 CET
"Europe must not relax" and needs to stand firm on the Ukraine crisis until Russia "shows it is serious" by clearly pulling back its troops from the border, Europe's foreign ministers said on Friday.

US ambassador says Ukraine crisis boosting transatlantic ties 04 April 2014, 18:02 CET
The new US ambassador to the European Union, Anthony Luzzatto Gardner, said on Friday that the crisis in Ukraine had reinforced transatlantic ties and highlighted increased European integration.

'Europe must not relax' on Ukraine: UK's Hague 04 April 2014, 13:27 CET
"Europe must not relax" on the Ukraine crisis as the situation remains tense with Russian troops making only "a token withdrawal" from the border, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said Friday.

Japan posts top growth in clean energy: survey 03 April 2014, 22:39 CET
Japan last year stepped up spending on clean energy at a faster rate than any other country, despite a drop in the world's overall investment, a study said on Thursday.

Thousands march in Spain against austerity 03 April 2014, 21:54 CET
Tens of thousands of people marched in dozens of Spanish cities on Thursday against austerity measures enacted by the government, which is under pressure from the EU to reduce its public deficit.

Redeveloping old Athens airport a EUR 6 bn boost for Greece 03 April 2014, 17:46 CET
A planned six-billion-euro ($8.3-billion) redevelopment of the former Athens airport will bring "huge" benefits to Greece's crisis-hit economy, officials said Thursday.

ECB 'thanks' IMF for advice on rates 03 April 2014, 17:12 CET
European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi thanked the International Monetary Fund on Thursday for its "generous" advance in matters of monetary policy, but said it would act as it thought fit.

Undermining EU budget rules undermines trust: ECB 03 April 2014, 21:53 CET
Undermining Europe's budget rules undermines confidence in the region and its single currency, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said on Thursday.

EU-Africa summit agrees plan to stop migration tragedies 03 April 2014, 17:31 CET
EU and African leaders trying to stop migrants from crossing the Mediterranean in perilous conditions unveiled a raft of measures on Thursday designed to boost development and crack down on human trafficking.

European watchdog urges airlines to avoid Crimea airspace 03 April 2014, 16:02 CET
The European aviation safety watchdog on Thursday urged airlines to avoid the airspace above Crimea, warning of "serious risks" after the peninsula was annexed by Russia.

EU reform to scrap mobile roaming fees 03 April 2014, 15:36 CET
The European Parliament on Thursday endorsed a sweeping package of EU telecommunications reforms, including a much-awaited measure to end roaming charges for cross-border mobile phone use.

EU takes another step towards capping credit card fees 03 April 2014, 14:43 CET
The European Parliament on Thursday appeared set to fast-track a cap on fees paid on credit card transactions, in a vote which was welcomed by consumer advocates.

TV debates boost British eurosceptic leader 03 April 2014, 14:42 CET
British eurosceptic leader Nigel Farage has bolstered his credentials as a credible political figure after two televised debates with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, commentators said on Thursday.

Belgian PM in gay rights plea to African leaders 03 April 2014, 15:27 CET
Belgian Prime Minster Elio Di Rupo urged African leaders attending an EU-Africa summit to respect the rights of minorities, including those victimised for their sexual orientation.

France angles for new EU timetable on budget limits 03 April 2014, 21:52 CET
France's reshuffled government took a combative tone with Brussels on Thursday, with new Finance Minister Michel Sapin saying the "pace" of deficit reduction would be raised in EU talks.

Europe needs a 'New Deal': Tsipras 03 April 2014, 12:05 CET
Europe needs a "New Deal" to rise above the economic crisis and austerity policies, the European Left Party's Greek candidate for EU commission chairman, Alexis Tsipras, says in an interview.

UK deputy PM loses to anti-EU rival in debate: survey 02 April 2014, 23:44 CET
Viewers declared the leader of Britain's main anti-EU party the winner in the second of two ill-tempered debates with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on Wednesday after he claimed the EU wants its own "army and navy".

European Parliament demands sanctions over Magnitsky case 02 April 2014, 22:07 CET
The European Parliament voted Wednesday to demand EU sanctions on 32 Russian officials implicated in the 2009 death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky and later attempts to suppress the case and harass his family.

France, Germany unveil new partnership at EU-Africa summit 03 April 2014, 12:06 CET
African and European leaders held crisis talks Wednesday on the "terrifying" violence in the Central African Republic, where peacekeepers have been unable to stop a deadly spiral of Christian-Muslim strife.

British EU membership key for success: car industry 02 April 2014, 18:07 CET
Britain's membership of the European Union is "crucial" for the success of the automaking sector, the nation's car industry body said in a key report on Wednesday.