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UK's eurosceptic cabinet reflects public views: minister 16 July 2014, 11:42 CET
British Prime Minister David Cameron's newly eurosceptic cabinet reflects the increasing prevalence of anti-EU feelings in the country, a newly promoted minister said Wednesday.

Cameron's eurosceptic reshuffle boosts 'Brexit' risk: analysts 16 July 2014, 11:17 CET
David Cameron has dramatically hardened his government's eurosceptic stance for a battle with Brussels, but may have weakened his hand while increasing the risk that Britain could crash out of the EU, analysts said.

EU leaders at odds over top jobs 16 July 2014, 20:19 CET
EU leaders went into a summit Wednesday struggling to agree a package of top jobs as the deepening crisis in Ukraine put the spotlight on who will lead its high-profile foreign affairs arm.

Emergency data law passed in British lower house 16 July 2014, 11:13 CET
Britain's lower house of parliament voted in favour of emergency legislation to allow police and security services to continue accessing Internet and mobile phone data following angry exchanges between lawmakers on Tuesday.

US readies unilateral sanctions on Russia 16 July 2014, 10:47 CET
The United States signalled Tuesday it could go it alone on toughening sanctions on Russia if Europe does not agree to increase pain for Moscow over its "destabilizing" policies in Ukraine.

Fresh EU sanctions against Russia 'very possible': source 15 July 2014, 23:02 CET
A new round of EU sanctions against Russia and pro-Moscow separatists in Ukraine was "looking very possible", a diplomatic source said Tuesday on the eve of an EU summit where leaders would make the final decision.

China genes stopped Euro-pigs from being total boars 15 July 2014, 17:16 CET
European pig producers have found a lucrative market selling porkers to China for breeding purposes.

Merkel gives pep talk to Balkan EU hopefuls 15 July 2014, 17:23 CET
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday gave a pep talk to Balkan nations seeking integration with the European Union, saying Berlin would "not abandon" its support for the aspiring members.

EU top jobs jigsaw puzzle falls into place 15 July 2014, 17:15 CET
EU leaders are set to tackle the jigsaw of the bloc's top jobs after the European Parliament approved former Luxembourg premier Jean-Claude Juncker as head of the European Commission Tuesday.

Juncker: veteran EU insider 15 July 2014, 17:03 CET
Jean-Claude Juncker, approved by the European Parliament Tuesday to head the European Commission, is a veteran EU insider versed in the art of getting things done in the labyrinth of the bloc.

Juncker to helm EU Commission after winning MEPs' support 15 July 2014, 18:40 CET
Luxembourg's Jean-Claude Juncker won the backing of Euro-MPs on Tuesday to head the European Commission for the next five years, despite a British-led campaign to block his appointment.

Telefonica says completes sale of Irish unit for EUR 850m 15 July 2014, 17:13 CET
Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica said on Tuesday it has completed the sale of its Irish subsidiary to Hong Kong's Hutchison Whampoa for 850 million euros ($1.2 billion).

Juncker to halt enlargement as EU Commission head 15 July 2014, 17:11 CET
The European Union will freeze expansion over the next five years, the nominee to head the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, told Euro-MPs on Tuesday.

Britain nominates low-key eurosceptic as Commissioner 16 July 2014, 13:38 CET
Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday nominated House of Lords leader Jonathan Hill to be Britain's next European Commissioner, picking a low-key veteran for a key period that will feature a possible referendum on leaving the EU.

Juncker's bid for top EU job goes to parliament vote 15 July 2014, 12:42 CET
Jean-Claude Juncker made a heartfelt plea to revive both Europe's economy and spirit as he laid out his vision for the future if parliament approves him Tuesday as head of the European Commission.

Juncker jeered over euro as he urges huge spending package 16 July 2014, 17:33 CET
Jean-Claude Juncker, the next head of the EU Commission, faced down jeers by British eurosceptics on Tuesday as he argued that the euro was a blessing for Europe and called for more spending to spark growth.

Britain's Hammond, 'quiet man' who could make noise in Europe 15 July 2014, 16:56 CET
Philip Hammond, named Britain's new foreign secretary on Tuesday, is an arch-eurosceptic who wants to leave the European Union unless London retakes significant powers from Brussels.

Troika begins fifth review of bailed-out Cyprus economy 15 July 2014, 17:08 CET
A delegation from the troika of international lenders Tuesday began its fifth assessment of Cyprus's economy and troubled banking system, focusing on the threat of bad loans.

Lithuania opposes Italian for EU foreign policy job 15 July 2014, 17:08 CET
Lithuania said Tuesday it would oppose Italian Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini's bid to become European Union foreign policy chief, reflecting concerns in eastern Europe over the bloc's policy on Russia.

Juncker calls for EUR 300 bn investment plan for Europe 15 July 2014, 17:07 CET
Jean-Claude Juncker called for a 300-billion-euro investment plan for Europe as he laid out his vision for the future if elected Tuesday by parliament as head of the EU executive.

Bulgaria plans to join EU 'banking union' 15 July 2014, 10:27 CET
Bulgaria announced on Monday that it would seek to join a new EU set of rules known as the 'banking union' after poor bank supervision led to the collapse of its fourth-biggest lender.

Balkans leaders urge cooperation to boost economies 15 July 2014, 10:24 CET
Heads of state of eight Balkan countries urged Monday closer economic ties between them as a key means for reviving and making competitive their small economies.

Juncker's bid for top EU job goes to vote in parliament 15 July 2014, 10:24 CET
The EU's newly-elected parliament decides Tuesday whether to name Jean-Claude Juncker as next head of the powerful European Commission, but with some MEPs opposed, the vote could be tight.

IMF cuts eurozone 2014 growth forecast 15 July 2014, 10:26 CET
The IMF cut its 2014 growth forecast for the eurozone on Monday, warning that the recovery in the single currency bloc was "neither robust nor sufficiently strong."

EU resumes cooperation with Guinea-Bissau 14 July 2014, 18:42 CET
The European Union is to resume cooperation with Guinea-Bissau after a three-year break following "free and credible" elections held in the tiny west African nation in May.