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UK referendum: ECB ready for contingencies 23 June 2016, 01:26 CET
The European Central Bank is ready for all contingencies following the UK's EU referendum, ECB President Mario Draghi told MEPs as Britons prepared to vote on whether to remain in the EU.

EU maps out closer relationship with China 23 June 2016, 00:32 CET
The EU adopted Wednesday a Communication entitled 'Elements for a new EU strategy on China', which maps out the European Union's relationship with China for the next five years.

MEPs step up fight against tax evasion and tax havens 23 June 2016, 01:26 CET
MEPs on a special committee on tax rulings set up by the European Parliament produced a raft of tough measures Tuesday designed to make corporate taxation 'fairer and clearer'.

EU agrees deal to clamp down on corporate tax avoidance 21 June 2016, 22:23 CET
EU Member States agreed far-reaching new rules Tuesday to clamp down on the most common tax avoidance practices used by multinational companies.

EU sends 'clear message' on climate change 21 June 2016, 16:56 CET
EU ministers meeting in Luxembourg sent out a 'clear message' of commitment to ratifying the Paris agreement on climate change and working for effective implementation of the deal as soon as possible.

MEPs back external border check for all EU citizens 21 June 2016, 16:20 CET
MEPs in committee have backed an EU plan to systematically check all EU citizens entering or leaving the EU, responding to the rise in terrorist threats such as the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels.

Migration issues dominate EU foreign affairs council 21 June 2016, 00:19 CET
EU foreign ministers focused on migration issues Monday, debating the migration challenges of the Sahel region, and extending the EU naval force Operation Sophia to strengthen efforts against human smugglers and traffickers.

EU agri-food trade balance hits record levels 20 June 2016, 23:49 CET
The EU agri-food trade balance stood at a record EUR 1.5 bn in April 2016, compared to EUR 1 bn in April 2015, the European Commission announced Monday in its latest monthly statistical report.

EUR 6.7 bn EU funding for transport infrastructure 17 June 2016, 18:12 CET
The EU Commission unveiled Friday a list of 195 transport projects set to receive EUR 6.7 billion of funding under its Connecting Europe Facility - expected to unlock additional public and private co-financing to a combined amount of EUR 9.6 bn.

New EU rules to promote high-quality audits in force 20 June 2016, 23:50 CET
New EU statutory audit rules came into force Friday, with the aim of enhancing investor trust in companies' financial information, and boosting confidence in Europe's financial sector.

MEPs want to veto energy drink "alertness" claims 17 June 2016, 17:53 CET
Sugary drinks and energy drinks containing caffeine should not display claims that they can help increase alertness or concentration, an EU Parliament committee said on Thursday.

EU environment agency calls for noise protection 16 June 2016, 23:26 CET
Protecting areas not affected by noise can bring significant environmental and health benefits, according to a report published Thursday by the EU environment agency.

EU agrees outline deal to curb flow in conflict minerals 16 June 2016, 23:46 CET
The EU agreed Thursday on a framework to stop the financing of armed groups through trade in conflict minerals, following negotiations between the EU Council, Commission and Parliament.

EU Air Safety List update clears Zambia, Iran airlines 16 June 2016, 23:54 CET
Airlines certified in Zambia, along with most aircraft of Iran Air, can resume operations to the EU, the Commission announced Thursday in an update to the EU's Air Safety List.

EU annual inflation up to -0.1 pct in May 16 June 2016, 16:34 CET
Annual inflation in the European Union was -0.1% in May, up from -0.2% the previous month. A year earlier the rate was 0.3%. The figures come from Eurostat, the EU's statistical office.

Speed up refugee relocation, says EU 16 June 2016, 12:43 CET
The resettlement and relocation efforts of EU Member States needs to be speeded up to avoid migrants returning to irregular routes, the European Commission said in a report Wednesday.

Fragile progress on EU-Turkey refugee agreement 16 June 2016, 12:23 CET
The European Commission adopted its second report on the EU-Turkey refugee agreement Wednesday, showing that while there has been progress in its implementation, progress so far remains fragile.

MEPs amend new EU energy labelling rules 15 June 2016, 23:23 CET
A simpler, clearer A to G scale for labelling the energy efficiency of household appliances should replace the current proliferation of pluses within 5 years, Energy MEPs said on Tuesday.

Finally, EU sets out scientific criteria for endocrine disruptors 15 June 2016, 17:14 CET
The European Commission presented Wednesday - two years after they were due - its science-based criteria to identify endocrine disruptors in the field of plant protection products and biocides.

EU Court backs UK limits on child benefits 15 June 2016, 16:20 CET
The UK can require recipients of child benefit and child tax credit to have a right of residence in Britain, the European Court of Justice ruled on Tuesday.

Ardeche chickens win prized EU food recognition 15 June 2016, 00:01 CET
Free-range chickens, capons and guinea fowl from the Ardeche region in south-central France won recognition in the latest list of EU protected food names announced Tuesday.

Eurozone industrial production picks up in April 14 June 2016, 18:56 CET
Seasonally adjusted industrial production in the eurozone rebounded by 1.1 per cent in April - and 1.3% in the whole of the EU - compared with the previous month, according to Eurostat estimates out Tuesday.

EU bolsters efforts against radicalisation 14 June 2016, 16:53 CET
The European Commission presented a series of measures Tuesday to support EU Member States in their efforts to prevent and fight radicalisation leading to violent extremism and terrorism.

EU provides more clarity on air passenger rights 14 June 2016, 16:54 CET
New guidelines for air passengers flying in the European Union bring more clarity to existing rules and facilitate their enforcement ahead of the summer holidays, says the European Commission.

EU states breaching National Emission Ceilings Directive limits 10 June 2016, 17:42 CET
Ten EU Member States continue to emit air pollution from sources such as transport and agriculture above legal limits according to new data from the European Environment Agency (EEA).