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Germany's anti-euro party agrees to slim down leadership 01 February 2015, 16:22 CET
Germany's anti-euro AfD has opted at a congress wrapping up Sunday to streamline its leadership in a bid to be more effective after weeks of dispute within the fledgling party.

EU must stop 'spasmodic' moves on Russia: minister 01 February 2015, 13:32 CET
The European Union must halt "spasmodic" action against Russia, the new Greek foreign minister said Sunday, adding Greece could not be ignored in EU affairs simply because it owes money.

Stop Germany bashing, EU parliament chief warns Tsipras 01 February 2015, 13:13 CET
European Parliament head Martin Schulz on Sunday urged Greece's new anti-austerity prime minister to stop lambasting Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government, saying anti-German rhetoric was "shortsighted".

EU, US look for 'fresh start' in trade talks 01 February 2015, 13:08 CET
US negotiators travel to EU headquarters in Brussels Monday to jump-start talks on the world's biggest-ever free trade deal, which after nearly two years remain bogged down by public opposition.

ECB official says Greek lending could stop by March 31 January 2015, 17:52 CET
A top European Central Bank official said Saturday the institution cannot keep lending money to Greece unless the heavily indebted nation extends its bailout programme before a February deadline.

Greeks 'irresponsible' to cut out 'troika': Schulz 01 February 2015, 13:02 CET
European Parliament President Martin Schulz labelled "irresponsible" Greece's refusal to work with the so-called troika of international bailout inspectors charged with overseeing the country's painful fiscal reforms.

Creditor 'troika': Greece's loathed symbol of austerity 30 January 2015, 21:07 CET
Pilloried by the new Greek authorities, the "troika" of creditors -- the International Monetary Fund, European Union and European Central Bank -- was formed in 2010 to rescue debt-riddled Greece.

Eurogroup chief warns Greece against 'ignoring' bailout deals 01 February 2015, 13:00 CET
Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem on Friday warned Athens against "ignoring" the terms of its international bailout deals after holding talks with Greece's new anti-austerity government.

Germany suspends minimum wage for transit truckers 01 February 2015, 13:14 CET
Germany slammed the brakes Friday on applying its new minimum wage to foreign truck drivers transiting the country in a move welcomed by Poland which vigorously opposed the system.

Greece's new PM to visit Juncker next week 30 January 2015, 14:06 CET
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras plans next week to make his first visit to Brussels since coming to power promising to renegotiate his country's international bailout, an EU spokesman said Friday.

Abbas to Stockholm after Israel shuns Swedish visit 30 January 2015, 12:42 CET
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas will visit Stockholm next month after Sweden became the first major state of the European Union to recognise Palestine, the Swedish government announced Friday.

EU air safety body urges 'extreme caution' in Pakistan airspace 30 January 2015, 20:40 CET
The European air safety agency has warned airline operators to show "extreme caution" when flying over Pakistan amid fears of possible terror attacks.

Eurozone deflation accelerates to record low in January 01 February 2015, 13:08 CET
Eurozone consumer prices fell by a record 0.6 per cent in January, EU data showed Friday, confirming deflation could be taking hold and putting pressure on a historic bond-buying plan by the ECB to deliver.

EU must realise Russia sanctions lead nowhere: Moscow 30 January 2015, 10:47 CET
The European Union's decision to extend sanctions against Russia over Ukraine is a destructive policy that will lead nowhere, Russia's foreign ministry said on Friday.

A bus ticket for Bulgaria, and then jihad 30 January 2015, 04:27 CET
When Bulgarian police on January 1 arrested Frenchman Fritz-Joly Joachin, a self-confessed "old friend" of the Charlie Hebdo attackers, he was not the first suspected Islamist trying to cross the EU's south-eastern border into Turkey.

US warns Russia, welcomes new EU sanctions 30 January 2015, 13:41 CET
The United States warned Russia on Thursday that it is mulling fresh sanctions over the fighting in Ukraine and welcomed an EU move to broaden existing measures imposed on Moscow.

Scrapping US visa waivers would be 'a mistake' 29 January 2015, 21:37 CET
Scrapping a visa waiver program that eases travel to the United States for people from dozens of partner nations would be "a mistake," a top US official said on Thursday.

EU to expand Russia blacklist, ready for more measures over Ukraine 30 January 2015, 17:17 CET
The EU agreed Thursday to add new names to a sanctions blacklist over Russia's involvement in Ukraine and will start work on possible further measures, foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said.

EU, Germany warn Greece over debt reduction ambitions 30 January 2015, 16:19 CET
The European Union and Germany warned Greece's radical new left-wing government Thursday that there is little support for a reduction in its massive debts, on the eve of its first talks with its eurozone partners.

New Greek finance minister to visit UK, France, Italy 29 January 2015, 17:02 CET
Greece's new left-wing Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis will visit three European Union capitals next week to push the government's agenda for a renegotiated deal on its multi-billion-euro bailout, his office said Thursday.

Greece seeks common ground with EU partners: EU Parliament chief 29 January 2015, 16:52 CET
Greece will seek "common ground" with its European partners on solving its bailout and debt woes, European Parliament chairman Martin Schulz said Thursday after meeting new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

EU to expand Ukraine sanctions blacklist: France 29 January 2015, 15:07 CET
The EU will target new individuals with sanctions over their involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, France said Thursday as the 28-nation bloc's foreign ministers met to discuss fresh measures against Russia.

EU plots counter-terrorism strategy against militant Islamists 29 January 2015, 20:35 CET
European Union interior ministers met Thursday in Riga to finalise a counter-terrorism strategy targeting radical Islamists weeks after the Paris terror attacks that left 17 people dead.

Greece says seeking to 'prevent rift' between EU and Russia 29 January 2015, 15:38 CET
Greece will try to bridge the divide between the EU and Russia over the Ukraine conflict, its new foreign minister said Thursday ahead of a meeting on new sanctions that Athens has questioned.

EU tourism hits record in 2014 29 January 2015, 14:22 CET
The European Union attracted a record number of tourists in 2014, with visits to France leading the bloc, official data from Eurostat showed on Thursday.