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Germany sent to EU court over airport security 28 May 2015, 13:48 CET
The EU referred Germany to court Thursday for failing to regularly monitor security measures at some airports, but said it was not related to the Germanwings crash.

EU says Greek deal 'not there yet' 28 May 2015, 13:07 CET
The European Union poured cold water Thursday on Greece's claims that a deal on its bailout was near, insisting that more progress was needed in talks between Athens and its creditors.

Weak growth, Greece pose risk to financial stability: ECB 28 May 2015, 12:47 CET
The European Central Bank said Thursday that financial stability has increased recently in the euro area, but warned that weak growth in the region and the Greek crisis could pose risks in the future.

Greek pro-EU party pledges to back loan deal 28 May 2015, 10:52 CET
Greece's fourth-largest party, pro-EU To Potami, on Thursday pledged to back a new deal between the country and its creditors that could face a rocky ride through parliament.

Cameron meets EU leaders on referendum reform push 28 May 2015, 13:00 CET
Prime Minister David Cameron starts a whirlwind two-day tour of European capitals including Paris and Berlin Thursday in a push to secure EU reforms before a referendum on whether Britain should leave the bloc.

France says Britain EU referendum 'very risky' 28 May 2015, 09:12 CET
French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said a British referendum on whether to leave the EU was "very risky", ahead of a visit by Prime Minister David Cameron to Paris on Thursday.

Referendum to ask should Britain 'remain' member of EU 28 May 2015, 11:50 CET
Voters will be asked "Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?" in a referendum to be held by 2017, the British government announced on Thursday.

EU-Tunisia trade deal talks to begin in October: Essid 27 May 2015, 22:00 CET
Tunisia intends to begin talks in October on a free trade deal with the European Union, Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid said during a visit to Brussels Wednesday.

Mogherini calls for resuming Palestinian-Israeli peace process 27 May 2015, 20:27 CET
EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini called Wednesday on Israel and the Palestinians to resume peace negotiations, saying the situation on the ground was "not sustainable."

EU redistribution numbers for asylum seekers, refugees 27 May 2015, 19:35 CET
The European Commission on Wednesday asked Member States to admit 20,000 Syrian refugees from outside Europe and process another 40,000 asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea landing in Italy and Greece.

Influx of migrants boosts terror threat: Slovak PM 27 May 2015, 18:57 CET
An influx of asylum seekers into the European Union could heighten the risk of terror attacks, Slovakia's leftist prime minister said Wednesday as he opposed EU plans to set refugee quotas across the bloc.

EU court jails 11 ex-Kosovo fighters over war crimes 27 May 2015, 21:30 CET
A European Union-run court Wednesday sentenced 11 former Kosovo guerrilla fighters, including two high-ranking officers, to up to 12 years behind bars for crimes during the 1990s war for independence.

Greece touts imminent loan deal, creditors cautious 27 May 2015, 21:47 CET
Greece on Wednesday said it was close to a loan deal with its EU-IMF creditors that would unlock badly-needed bailout loans for its struggling economy.

Experts from Greece and creditors drafting loan deal 27 May 2015, 17:04 CET
Technical experts representing Greece and its creditors are to start drafting Wednesday a long-awaited agreement that would release much needed bailout loans for the struggling eurozone country, a Greek government source said.

UN chief says 'other ways' than military to tackle migrant crisis 27 May 2015, 16:12 CET
UN chief Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday suggested there were "other ways" than proposed EU military action to stop smugglers from shipping migrants over the Mediterranean to Europe.

Eurosceptic Finns Party leader named foreign and EU affairs minister 27 May 2015, 19:19 CET
Finland's new Prime Minister Juha Sipila on Wednesday named eurosceptic Finns Party leader Timo Soini the country's new foreign and European affairs minister.

Cameron cancels Denmark visit after election called 27 May 2015, 14:12 CET
British Prime Minister David Cameron cancelled a visit to Denmark planned for Thursday at the start of a European tour after Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt called a general election for June 18.

EU asks Member States to admit 40,000 asylum seekers 27 May 2015, 19:31 CET
The EU on Wednesday asked its Member States to admit 40,000 asylum seekers from Syria and Eritrea landing in Italy and Greece, which have been overstretched by an influx of migrants.

More than four espressos a day can harm health: EU 27 May 2015, 17:07 CET
Drinking the caffeine equivalent of more than four espressos a day is harmful to health, especially for minors and pregnant women, the EU food safety agency said on Wednesday.

EU-Swiss accord to end banking secrecy 28 May 2015, 13:00 CET
The European Union and Switzerland have signed a major accord to end banking secrecy for EU residents and prevent them from stashing undeclared income in Swiss banks.

UK referendum question will be a 'Yes' to stay in EU: reports 27 May 2015, 13:25 CET
British voters will be asked to vote "Yes" or "No" on remaining in the European Union in a referendum to be held by the end of 2017, media reported on Wednesday.

EU to unveil latest plan to absorb migrants fairly 27 May 2015, 10:52 CET
The European Commission is due Wednesday to unveil its latest version of a controversial plan to force EU member states to more evenly absorb the wave of migrants making the dangerous crossing of the Mediterranean to Europe.

Poland offers asylum to Christian Syrian refugees 26 May 2015, 17:37 CET
Poland will take in 60 Syrian refugee families of the Christian faith, Warsaw said Tuesday just days after it opposed European Union plans for binding quotas on asylum seekers for its 28 member states.

Merkel, Hollande to discuss future of EU as Brexit looms 27 May 2015, 12:22 CET
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and France's Francois Hollande will likely meet next week to finalise plans for a more integrated eurozone as the threat of a British exit from the EU looms, European sources said.

EU defends Juncker's 'cool style' 26 May 2015, 16:09 CET
Aides to European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker went to his defence Tuesday for shirking protocol when he greeted leaders at an EU summit last week, saying he was known for his "cool style".