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11 December 2014, 21:12 CET offers a selection of publications on the European Union, EU legislation and European affairs. Get listed! Listing costs GBP 75 for an entry on this page. Phone +44 (0)20 7193 7242 or email

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European Charter for Small Enterprises 22 January 2007, 21:45 CET
This publication aims to disseminate good practice and encourage an exchange of experiences in Europe. The 40 good practice cases presented provide a sample of the different successful ways in which public administrations support Europe's small and medium-sized enterprises. The cases were selected as part of the exchange of good practice in the context of the European Charter for Small Enterprises.

European guidelines for quality assurance in breast cancer screening and diagnosis 22 January 2007, 21:41 CET
The fourth edition of this bestseller has been developed with input from over 200 professionals from 23 countries. New issues include digital mammography and advice for specialist breast units.

Expert forecast on emerging physical risks related to occupational safety and health 22 January 2007, 20:23 CET
The report presents the results of the expert forecast complemented by a literature review. These results should provide a basis for debate and reflection between policy-makers at various level for setting research and action priorities.

Fusion research 22 January 2007, 20:15 CET
This booklet and CD-ROM describe fusion energy research and how it is coordinated and managed in Europe. The next generation fusion experiment, ITER, should pave the way in the second half of the 21st century for fusion to provide a significant contribution to the world's energy production.

Gold Plating 22 January 2007, 20:12 CET
The Federation of Small Businesses, in association with the Foreign Policy Centre, has published a report into the practice of 'gold plating' EU regulations.

OECD Labour Force Statistics: 1985 - 2005, 2006 Edition 22 January 2007, 20:10 CET
This annual publication provides detailed statistics on population, labour force, employment and unemployment, broken down by gender, as well as unemployment duration, employment status, employment by sector of activity and part-time employment.

Court of Justice annual report 2005 22 January 2007, 20:06 CET
Synopsis of the work of the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance of the European Communities

EU cattle populations 22 January 2007, 20:03 CET
EU cattle populations in December 2005 and production forecasts for 2006. The December 2005 cattle surveys in the EU-25 show that the cattle population continued to fall slowly. Total numbers of cattle were lower (-0.7%) than in December 2004. The price of cattle remains relatively high.

Quality of bathing water 22 January 2007, 19:59 CET
2005 bathing season : summary report

Economic survey of the Euro Area 2007 22 January 2007, 19:36 CET
Monetary policy is responding to inflation pressures. The ECB should continue to refine its communication strategy in order to enhance clarity. The recovery creates a golden opportunity to get fiscal policy back on track. Member states need to make greater efforts to achieve budget balance and pay down debt. The OECD assessment and recommendations on the main economic challenges faced by the Euro Area. An Economic Survey is published every 1½-2 years for each OECD country.

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Libcast’s Online Video Platform in the limelight at BETT 2015 28 January 2015, 16:17 CET
Libcast of France will be showcasing its Online Video Platform at BETT 2015 in London, in January. The specialist company’s innovative and versatile solution enables users to host, manage and broadcast lectures live or in streaming mode. With 200,000 users, Libcast’s technology has already been chosen by many universities and schools, including leading colleges in France and Norway.

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