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Social dimension needed for more jobs and fairness 17 November 2017, 11:40 CET
At the Extraordinary Meeting of the Gothenburg Summit between the EU Institutions and the European Social Partners, UEAPME President Ulrike Rabmer-Koller highlighted that UEAPME’s first priority for the European Pillar of Social Rights is to better integrate the economic and social dimension.

High commitment to Paris - insufficient action at home 16 November 2017, 18:15 CET
After a decade of rapid growth, we see a strong decrease in the growth rates of global CO2 emissions over the past years, sending signals for a decarbonisation of the global energy system. The Climate Change Performance Index 2018 (CCPI) confirms these developments in Greenhouse-Gas-emissions (GHG), renewable energies and energy use for some countries but also still clearly shows a current general lack of ambitious targets and sufficient implementation for a Paris-compatible pathway.

EU Parliament calls for EU agriculture and budget to better protect biodiversity 16 November 2017, 17:43 CET
Today the European Parliament voted a resolution, supporting the EU Commission’s Action Plan for nature, people and the economy [1], and calling for the future EU Budget and Agricultural Policy to strongly contribute to nature protection in Europe.

Last Early Bird rate for Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology conference 2018 expires 30th November 2017 16 November 2017, 17:17 CET
SMi Reports: The last early bird rate for Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology conference taking place in January will expire 30th November 2017

Phasing out coal, powering a sustainable future 16 November 2017, 15:33 CET
WWF welcomes the creation of the ‘The Global Alliance to Power Past Coal’, launched in Bonn today, as an important step toward building a coal-free future. It is time for the European Union to follow suit.

Helmut von Glasenapp, Secretary General, European Long-Term Investors Association is interviewed in the run up to speaking at Benelux Infrastructure Forum next week 15 November 2017, 12:49 CET
SMi reports: Speaking at next week’s Benelux Infrastructure Forum, in Amsterdam, Helmut von Glasenapp provides updates on the industry in an interview released by SMi

MUP court ruling a sad day for the internal market 15 November 2017, 12:28 CET
spiritsEUROPE regrets the UK Supreme Court ruling on MUP, which will distort competition by preventing efficient low-cost producers of alcoholic drinks in other Member States from using that competitive advantage against higher cost producers, without targeting those who drink at harmful levels.

Italy the best performing OECD economy in this year's World Bank Paying Taxes survey 14 November 2017, 23:23 CET
Russell Bedford International member firm Studio Corno, Milan, has again assisted the World Bank in researching its annual Doing Business project. This year’s report, Doing Business 2018: Reforming to Create Jobs, shows Italy to have the most improved tax environment of the OECD economies, up 14 places from 126 to 112

German electricity exports are fueling domestic coal mining 14 November 2017, 23:18 CET
Germany could cut the equivalent of Hungary’s annual emissions, just by stopping electricity exports. A new report released by the climate thinktank Sandbag shows Germany exported 49TWh of electricity in 2016 - and is on course for even more in 2017 - from the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel, lignite.

Small is beautiful: Don't burden small businesses and consumers, empower them to boost the energy transition! 09 November 2017, 18:49 CET
The trade associations representing key players in Europe’s energy transition urge policy makers to take a step-wise approach towards the market integration of small-scale renewable and high efficiency cogeneration installations.

MedTech Europe: Brexit deal must ensure continued access to needed medtech 09 November 2017, 18:37 CET
MedTech Europe, the trade association representing the medical technology industry, wants negotiators to be highly sensitive to the impact of Brexit to patients and the SME-based medical technology industry. The association calls for effective arrangements that will mitigate potential risks to patients’ access or to the competitiveness of the sector on both sides of the channel.

Out of touch ETS reform puts EU Member States in the spotlight 09 November 2017, 18:30 CET
Last night’s trialogue agreement failed to restore the ETS as Europe’s flagship climate policy. Emission reductions for the foreseeable future will now be dependent on other EU and Member State policies.These include direct efforts to phase out coal, increase renewables growth and support industrial innovation.

EU carbon market downgraded from flagship to backstop 09 November 2017, 13:02 CET
EU lawmakers today struck a tentative deal on the reform of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) for the period after 2020. For WWF this inadequate deal, which will pay heavy industry to continue polluting, makes Europe’s Paris Agreement climate commitments look meaningless. It puts huge pressure on EU lawmakers to ensure the the Clean Energy package delivers the missing climate action.

ESBA Finalist in Multiple Categories at European Public Affairs Awards 2017 09 November 2017, 12:56 CET
Brussels-based public affairs professionals will gather on 22 November to discover who has won this year’s European public affairs awards.

EU governments reject Commission push for glyphosate 09 November 2017, 12:48 CET
European governments have again refused to support a European Commission plan to grant a shortened but unrestricted licence for glyphosate, Europe’s most widely used weedkiller that has been linked to cancer and environmental harm.

European consumers face significant hurdles when shopping online outside the EU, new research shows 09 November 2017, 12:33 CET
Although more and more Europeans shop online, their trust in the market outside the EU remains low.

CO2 targets: Automobile industry reacts to European Commission's second mobility package 09 November 2017, 00:04 CET
The European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) takes note of the publication of the European Commission's second mobility package, including a proposal for post-2021 CO2 targets for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. ACEA will now work with its members to assess the full details of the proposals before continuing to engage with the EU institutions on this dossier.

Commission shows narrow vision on renewable-powered shared mobility, Greenpeace 09 November 2017, 00:00 CET
A package of policy measures for the transport sector released by the European Commission fails to deliver an ambitious vision of shared mobility powered by renewable energy, said Greenpeace.

Small retailers and wholesalers call for support to embrace digital 08 November 2017, 23:51 CET
Today, at EuroCommerce’s annual SME Day, retail and wholesale entrepreneurs shared their experiences of doing business in a tough trading environment.

Agenda Released for Robotics and Autonomous Systems conference 08 November 2017, 18:16 CET
SMi reports: SMi launches an exclusive conference on Robotics and Autonomous Systems, taking place on 25th-26th April 2018 in London, UK.

Last chance to register for Benelux Infrastructure Forum 2017 08 November 2017, 18:09 CET
SMi reports: It's the last chance to register for SMi's 16th Annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum taking place in two weeks' time.

EBF Economic Outlook: strong growth in uncertain times 08 November 2017, 00:06 CET
The Euro area economy will continue its recovery with economic growth gaining momentum amid continuing political uncertainty, according to the bi-annual Economic Outlook of the European Banking Federation that is published today.

New study: no room for gas in Europe's climate budget, science shows 07 November 2017, 13:22 CET
Europe needs to urgently quit gas if it is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to internationally agreed levels, new science shows.

LCI launches 2 new ingredients and will exhibit at Food Matters Live 02 November 2017, 23:29 CET

EU market for electric cars highly fragmented, new data shows as Commission finalises CO2 proposal 02 November 2017, 18:13 CET
The European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) has published new data demonstrating the correlation between the market uptake of electrically-chargeable vehicles (ECVs) and both GDP and customer incentives. Based on these new findings, ACEA calls for an ambitious but more realistic approach to the electrification of Europe’s car fleet, just before the European Commission releases its proposal for post-2021 CO2 targets for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles next week.